12-01-2017 01:50 PM
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  1. dumbog's Avatar
    I have the Lumia 950 and it has all the features that Apple iPhone X has so I don't think they put anything revolutionary in the phone to warrant to move from Windows to iPhone. I am probably one of the guys that likes to be different from everybody else and will wait for this phone to die before deciding to move on to other platforms or pick up another Windows Phone as long as Microsoft supports it.
    09-13-2017 12:11 PM
  2. Cosmin Petrenciuc's Avatar
    Hell no! I will not replace my Lumia 950 XL with an iPhone X whose price starts at $1000. And by the way, Face ID exists on Android for over one year not to mention wireless charging which is already old technology.

    I agree with the ideas presented in this short movie about the new iPhone:
    09-13-2017 12:14 PM
  3. vasilisvita's Avatar
    too poor
    09-13-2017 12:21 PM
  4. dorelse's Avatar
    Its definitely a technology 'catch up' device for Apple. Now lets see if it works as good as advertised. I personally think that the lack of a home button & fingerprint reader is going to seriously frustrate folks. It definitely slows down the unlock process. I have all 3 right now phone platforms right now, and I love the looks, very similiar to my LG G6, screenwise, but there are some nice features as well.

    I think its important to note that they said its battery life will be similar to the iPhone 7...not the iPhone 8...and not the iPhone 7 Plus...which has amazing battery life. So as far as Apple devices go, battery life is definitely going to be worse that its more traditional cousins in the iPhone 8 & 8 Plus.
    09-13-2017 12:23 PM
  5. wpguy's Avatar
    Were features copied? Yeah, but what tech company doesn't, so who cares? (But really, Microsoft, while you're busy screwing around getting VR/AR/MR "right" the competition is handing their 1.0 implementation to the masses today. First catches more fish than right most of the time.)

    Anyway, am I getting an iPhone X? Why? So I can spend the next couple years trying to convince myself I didn't overpay by $500?
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    09-13-2017 12:24 PM
  6. chupageek's Avatar
    I mostly lurk here, but this is a timely thread - rather than buy an iPhone X, yesterday evening in a fit of rage at my iPhone 7+ I switched back to my old Lumia 950. While I will likely swallow my dislike for Google's business model and get an Android at some point (unless MS actually decides to make a credible play at restarting their mobile involvement, again), I will never buy another Apple device. Since the day I purchased the 7+ I have been constantly dissatisfied with iOS - almost every action takes at least a couple more steps than on WP, the actual UI concepts seem incredibly dated, decisions like putting app settings in the settings control panel instead of within each app are terribly obtuse (when are you likely to want to adjust the settings for an app - probably when you are using the app), text selection is horridly bad, and to make that part worse, there is a frequent need for text selection because the keyboard and predictive typing is far worse than what Google or MS were doing five years ago.

    While there are certainly interesting features in iOS, the actual implementation is at best mediocre, and in many cases outright terrible. And the one that drove me over the edge, and caused me to contemplate smashing my iPhone with a claw hammer, was that for the FIFTH time in 8 months it went through a device wipe. When Microsoft first implemented EAS policies in the dark ages of the original Windows Mobile they realized that you better be damn sure that repeated incorrect pins weren't accidental, because wiping a device because of an accident is about as hostile to the user as you can get. If your policy allows 6 attempts, after the 5th fails they make you type in A1B2C3 just to make sure someone is intentionally trying to enter a pin (I always thought it should trigger when you had 2 attempts remaining, but at least the feature is present). That doesn't compromise security - there is still a limit of only 6 attempts - but it makes sure that it never happens by accident.

    After 10 released versions of iOS Apple still doesn't get that they should protect a device from a little kid just randomly pushing buttons on it, or an active device sliding around in pants, or whatever - this despite the fact that they already had an example to copy from that implemented a sensible precaution. Going for a decade allowing such a user hostile scenario to remain is really unforgivable, and last night it pushed me passed the point of tolerance. I won't buy the iPhone X, or an 8/8+, or even keep using my 8 month old 7+ (unless someone figures out how to jailbreak it an install any other OS in place of iOS). In 8 months I never found reason to like iOS, but from minor to major, I've found frequent reason to hate it. Anyway, doubt most of you care, but I found the venting cathartic. Now to go recover a couple dozen accounts worth of two factor authentication that I lost in last night's wipe. My iPhone might still find itself involved with a claw hammer
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    09-13-2017 12:30 PM
  7. dlls's Avatar
    No. It doesn't have anything more special than a 950XL. Just because they managed to put an OLED screen on it doesn't mean it's worth even considering at over 1000 euros.
    Maybe when they manage to put a headphone jack in and sell this otherwise unimpressive phone for 500 Euros, it would be worth thinking of it as a sane option.
    09-13-2017 12:30 PM
  8. ddreese's Avatar
    I will *never* succumb to iCrap. I will continue using my trusty Lumia 950XL until it is dead, or when a "Surface Phone" appears. If my employer equips me with an Android or iCrap, I will reluctantly accept it. I have paid the Apple Tax for members of my family for both iPhones and iPads, but to me the iPad is a toy. If at some point I am forced to change Mobile OS's, I will go Android. I will stay with Windows tablets.
    09-13-2017 12:30 PM
  9. TechFreak1's Avatar
    • I'd rather go holiday to a nice play say Italy,
    • pay some bills before I go
    • spend a few nights
    • buy some souveniers
    • maybe buy a cheap car when I get because why not and I'm feeling too chilled deal with the rush hour commute at the train station where you are literally packed tighter than a can of sardines. You can buy a car for £300. It won't be much it will get you from A to B. Or I could buy a monthly travel pass from the city centre to last zone available for travel cards (Zone 1 to 9 - at the current time of this post it is £329) and use any mode of transparent to my hearts content.
    • And I'll still have change left over.

    So nope, the 1 grand Iphone does not appeal to me. not. one. iota. What I am concerned about is how much are the foxconn or other ODM employees are being paid to make this iphone?
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    09-13-2017 12:42 PM
  10. aliencatos's Avatar
    will depend how long it take for MS to get the surface phone out, if it does (don't look good)... otherwise, I will wait for the samsung S9, I just hate iOS
    09-13-2017 12:42 PM
  11. Yangstax's Avatar
    I have no plan to leave my L950XL which serves me great. If I have to switch, I would more likely to go with Note 8. With its S-pen, it has better value than iPhone X.
    09-13-2017 12:47 PM
  12. teemulehtinen's Avatar
    I just changed the battery to my 950XL, so I think it will last one more year. If by that time there is no Surface phone in sight I probably will swap to Apple.

    But... what bothered me in yesterday's event was the feeling of what could have been. From WebOS to Nokia N9, there was something very similar in iPhone X.

    The whole demonstration of AR made me think of an opportunity missed by Nokia and Microsoft. Anyone remember Job Lens on Lumias, or the maps overlayed on street view? All of that is gone, done and dusted. And now Apple takes the credit.

    It shouldn't be impossible to beat what Apple put together as the "future" phone. I will wait and see. They just gave Microsoft 9-12 months to come up with something really solid.
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    09-13-2017 12:54 PM
  13. nate0's Avatar
    Samsung Face recognition was very basic.
    Apple has taken it up a notch or two by adding the IR + 3D mapper so in that sense it is good.
    But still not paying $999 for a couple of extra glorified sensors.
    Yep. It uses the same concept/method as the Xbox Kinect. Same type of hardware too it seems
    09-13-2017 12:58 PM
  14. mggm100's Avatar
    I don't get any WOW factor from it ... well except for what seems like overpricing.
    09-13-2017 01:09 PM
  15. VITNE's Avatar
    The Palm Pre had wireless charging in 2009. I do think its silly they just got to it now, but Im glad they finally did because it is great. I loved the wireless charging on my Palm Pre back in the day, and on my 950XL. I still wish someone would implement the Palm Pre's touchstone style charging though, which used a magnet to keep it in place in a recliner position. Fantastic.

    As for the price tag, ouch. However, if you dont change your phone for a few years, it wouldn't be so bad. The problem with most android oems is that they dont upgrade or support their phones much. The only one with a guaranteed upgrade really is the Pixel, and that's not much difference in price to an iPhone. Its pretty slack for an OEM to release a sweet phone only to keep it on Android 5 forever. IPhones at least get iOS upgrades for a number of years.
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    09-13-2017 01:10 PM
  16. Pappa Ed's Avatar
    Not copied, invented. 😁
    09-13-2017 01:13 PM
  17. dpz's Avatar
    09-13-2017 01:44 PM
  18. missionsparta's Avatar
    ok, can we stop saying it is bezzle-less? it's like if Apple says it, everyone becomes blind and just repeats it. THE THING HAS A BEZZLE. It may be the smallest BEZZLE Apple has come out with, but phones like the Xiaomi Mi Mix put it to shame in terms of a bezzle. It's like the emperor's clothes. Apple says it is, so these idiots keep repeating it.
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    09-13-2017 01:45 PM
  19. worldspy99's Avatar
    The only unique feature of the iPhone X is the price tag.
    Other than that, absolutely nothing!
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    09-13-2017 02:03 PM
  20. Elky64's Avatar
    Were features copied? Yeah, but what tech company doesn't, so who cares?
    Pretty much my sediments too, my main concern is whether the phone we buy has "that" technology and could care less who's idea it was.
    09-13-2017 02:18 PM
  21. dgr_874's Avatar
    I was hopeful but very disappointed. There is very little appeal. I'm going to wait for reviews of the V30. It, or the four-hundred-dollar-cheaper S8+ will be my next phone.
    Ya, waiting for the V30 here too. I hope it lives up to the hype.
    09-13-2017 02:24 PM
  22. Elky64's Avatar
    So the mighty company that is responsible for all the innovation in the world just launched their newest and greatest innovation of all times. How do we feel about it as windows phone fans. They brought in the wireless charging which was their in Lumia 920. They brought in the facial recognition which is kinda comparable to iris scanner through windows hello in Lumia 950. Two of latest iPhone's greatest features are to some extent were present in these old products. I wanna know what other guys (windows phone fans) feel when they see apple doing it yet again and stealing all the media, social limelight, youtubers with old piece of tech wrapped in shiny new device and presenting it in grandest manner possible. Plus the price. is 1000 USD/1319CAD is justifiable for it?
    IMHO don't care who brought it first, will "it" be included in my next phone is my only concern.

    As a PAST Windows Phone fan all I can say "good on Apple, shame on MSFT".
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    09-13-2017 02:38 PM
  23. robert beadles's Avatar
    Apple now has added some big improvements that have been around for a long time. Apple does little to pave new paths in development of hardware, just don't tell the fans. They do a great job at bringing those items polished. I think the Face ID will work better than the L950 eye scan, I just do not use it on my 950. Although One big difference that I still love about My 950 over the X would be the SD card, I did not have to pay over $100 for a small increase in storage. I have a 128Gb SD card in my 950 and it was $30. Over all I just do not see that value in a $1,000 iphone x or other iphone too. I do not need this an iphone to show status, so I will stay with my L950 maybe until 2018. Even if I have to go to the bank to deposite a check in place of scanning it.
    09-13-2017 02:39 PM
  24. ScubaDog's Avatar
    NOTHING from Apple grabs me. I wish that company would simply disappear from the face of the earth. I'm not giving them my money. I despise that company.
    09-13-2017 03:01 PM
  25. DSR11's Avatar
    Honestly it reminds me a little of huawei mate 9...
    09-13-2017 03:14 PM
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