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    I have been using Photostream on my phones for a long time to change the lock screen every so often from a local folder containing hundreds (maybe thousands).

    My father's wife's phone died and while setting up her replacement discovered Photostream was no longer in the store. It was there as late as a few weeks ago when I set up someone else's phone.

    I spent hours looking for a free replacement but every app I tried had serious limitations or couldn't do it at all with the free version.

    Finally, I decided to re-install Dynamic Theme which I had tried when it came out but the UI was flaky at the time. It still has some bad UI in the mobile version which is strange since its a UWP app. Specifically, when attempting to add a folder of lock screen images, it prompts you to choose an app but apparently its just a typo. If you double click on a location (phone or SD card) it does open a folder list and lets you pick a folder of images.

    All in all I actually like it better for lock screen wallpaper changing than Photostream. Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be a resource hog or have other issues. The only thing I liked better about Photostream (and it is minor) is that photostream had a live tile that showed the current lock screen. But since there would never be a reason to open either except to manually change the lock screen, its hard to imagine wanting to do that unless you didn't like whatever was current and how could you not like it without knowing what it was?

    Photostream could do a lot of things I was never interested in so don't have any suggestions for a replacement for those things.
    10-08-2017 07:58 PM

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