06-13-2018 02:23 PM
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  1. NYCMetsPDX's Avatar
    ...Every time I hear of another vulnerability in Android or Google launches another product that collects ridiculous amounts of data on you to sell to advertisers, I think I want an iPhone. In theory, I much prefer the business model of keeping your privacy at the cost of more up-front hardware cost.

    And then I imagine actually having to use an iPhone, and go back to thinking Android is worth the loss of privacy. ...
    You summed up my thoughts exactly. I'm not a huge Google fan because of all the data collection, but as a tech junkie I wanted a flexible platform that I could tinker with while waiting for the bus. Android fits the bill for me in that regard. I don't know if I'll ever love the OS, but hardware wise there are some great options, good luck and have fun making a decision.
    10-17-2017 11:03 AM
  2. neilbey's Avatar
    Personally, I'm so deeply engrained into MS services, that I go for the OS that allows me to use those services in a more OS-integrated way, which IOS is not strong on.

    Just picked up an LG G6 (good deal) and while I miss the UI of w10m, I am not losing out on the services I am used to using. Cortana needs handsfree though!
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    10-17-2017 11:16 AM
  3. ashram's Avatar
    I just grabbed an Ultra cheap G5 to do a "test" migration for a bit. Granted, I hate the round about ways of getting certain things done.

    Also, SMS/MMS migration was a PAIN and well.... the built in messaging app shows all my txts but has a strange issue with images, whereas google's messenger displays all images correctly, but has a strange issue with missing sms. between the 2, i have all my old messages from my 950.

    Granted, I do like NOT having to use my work iPhone for apps that aren't available on Windows Mobile/Phone
    10-17-2017 11:40 AM
  4. MsftMan's Avatar
    I wanted a flexible platform that I could tinker with while waiting for the bus. Android fits the bill for me in that regard.
    YES! There are a few of us that really enjoy the fast software and OS updates of WP and yes, "tinkering" is one of my joys that I haven't admitted to... until your post!
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    10-17-2017 12:01 PM
  5. dakranii's Avatar
    I went with Android because of the two, it's closer to Windows Mobile than iOS. My wife has an iPhone and iPad in the house that I use regularly. It's simple and easy to use and works well. But I find it soooo boring. The grid of icons is just that and nothing more. And while Android is also just a grid of icons, for the most part, at least you can bring widgets in to break up the monotony. Plus, with Microsoft Launcher, I can pin contacts to my home screen, etc. I have few icons and mostly widgets (mail, Windows and now Android Central, calendar, podcast player, etc). Plus hardware wise there are more options. I got a used LG G6, basically a new phone (few months old, perfect condition) for $280 vs the high, high price of all of the new phones out there. I wanted the HTC U11, but it won't work fully on Verizon. S8, V30, Pixel 2 were all more than I wanted to spend.
    10-17-2017 12:07 PM
  6. Mike hancock1's Avatar
    Every post that I've read here regarding switching platforms and also many of Microsoft important people (Joe Belfiore, Bill Gates, etc.) , mentioned android as their destination.
    But why? Why not iOS?
    I already have my unlocked moto g5 plus and at the end of the month will leave my 735 behind. I've always liked the phone but really Microsoft left me, not that I'm leaving them. I will admit I'm excited about new apps that will be available.

    For the record, I'm on Verizon.
    10-17-2017 12:28 PM
  7. Mike hancock1's Avatar
    I already have my unlocked moto g5 plus and will switch at the end of the month. I'm not leaving Microsoft, they left me.
    As far as os goes, many more android phones to choose from and way better prices. It's a no brainer.
    10-17-2017 12:32 PM
  8. Mike hancock1's Avatar
    I already have my unlocked moto g5 plus and will switch at the end of the month. I'm not leaving Microsoft, they left me.
    As far as os goes, many more android phones to choose from and way better prices. It's a no brainer.
    10-17-2017 12:32 PM
  9. D3V011's Avatar
    If it was just me involved, I'd go Android, because I'm a tinkerer. I have 3 other people to think about, though, most of whom are definitely not technically inclined. As such, I went with iPhones because they're simpler to use and support.
    10-17-2017 12:51 PM
  10. SkullyHB's Avatar
    I had an iPhone before I moved to Windows. While I loved Windows 10 Mobile, about a year ago I was fed up with the horrible battery life on my 950 and went back to iPhone because it's what I had before, my girlfriend has iPhone, and I really hate Google.

    For the next year, virtually every day I found myself cursing the iPhone because I found something that my Windows phone did better. I finally got fed up again, and switched to Android.

    I picked up an LG G6. So far, so good. I Microsoft-ized it as much as possible. Microsoft Launcher, Edge browser as default, Here maps as default, Cortana as default. On iOS you can't set anything as default except for Apple software. The screen dimensions are closer to my 950 than the skinny iPhone. It's speedy and smooth, and so far no complaints. Sure there are things that some platforms do better than others, but overall it's a much better fit for me.
    10-17-2017 01:01 PM
  11. shadow118's Avatar
    My 2-year-old Lumia 830 is still doing fine, but when the time comes, I'll probably go for an Android Nokia, if Microsoft hadn't come out with something by then (which I kinda doubt)
    10-17-2017 01:08 PM
  12. Daniel Stevenson Sutton's Avatar
    I think the flexibility of Android appeals to the PC user over IOS. As a platform Android offers far more flexibility of hardware and software configurations than Apples alternative, this will surely resonate with Windows fans. There is also the compatibility issue. Android devices are far more Windows friendly than their apple counterparts. I use a Galaxy S8 for work having come from a lumia 950 and the android device has almost immediately become part of my workflow, I also have an iPhone 7 of my own and I get frustrated at the lack of communication between it and my PC.
    10-17-2017 01:21 PM
  13. Johnny Tremaine's Avatar
    But I find it soooo boring. The grid of icons is just that and nothing more. And while Android is also just a grid of icons, for the most part, at least you can bring widgets in to break up the monotony.
    I never really understood this argument. I don't think anybody spends their days gazing at their home screen full of icons, and ooh-ing at the pretty animations. Nearly every one I know that uses a smartphone or tablet, uses the OS as a launcher for one app or another and 'lives inside' said app, or switches to another.

    It's similar to a Windows desktop: do you just sit and stare at your Windows home screen full of shortcuts and links to programs? You likely spend all of your time either in a browser or an application/program.
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    10-17-2017 02:13 PM
  14. cmattau90's Avatar
    I didn't consider Android. I already had an IPad and literally everyone in my circle has an IPhone. I decided if MS forced me to switch, I would go all in. Next purchase will be an IMac to replace my slow Windows PC. And the fact that Microsoft seems to be going to Android probably means they will lure their users over there and pull the rug out from under them. Actually, Safari on IPhone works better than Edge ever did on WP. I have MS Outlook, Groove and OneDrive, which is decent for pictures. I wish MS would port Photos over. The Apple Mail, Calendar and Contacts apps handle outlook.com real well so I really don't use MS Outlook anymore. By the way I tried to post this in Windows Central App on Windows 10 and it doesn't work again.
    Very similar to me. I despise Google and don't want Android at all. I already had an iPad so the move was easy. I use Outlook including mail, calendar, and contacts for my personal email and I use the native Apple mail app for my work email to keep them separate. I sync my contacts and calendar so all my personal stuff is in one place. I use OneDrive, OneNote, and Groove; all my music and photos are saved there and any pics I take with my iPhone are copied to OneDrive. Siri works about as well as Cortana ever did so nothing missing there except the setting to automatically read my SMS when connected over bluetooth. Overall, I'm quite happy.
    10-17-2017 03:29 PM
  15. sdreamer's Avatar
    I think you have to go back and look why you liked Microsoft's OS in the first place. Was it because it made you more productive? Or did you get it just because it was Microsoft and you just like Microsoft's platform. I find that those who wanted just productivity on it, just to go with iPhone/iOS. It's no fuss, supports everything. If you're a Microsoft fan, the type that likes Windows 7, the type that loved Windows XP, and despised Vista and 8, you're better off with Android since that seems to go more along the lines of the "i can customize" part (I liked Vista because it brough the 6.x kernel that 7, 8 and 10 are built on, and I loved 8 for what it did for Windows on tablets (7 on a tablet was just plain horrible, and 10 is just wonky)).
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    10-17-2017 03:34 PM
  16. Wbutchart1's Avatar
    I can’t fathom why any wp user moving would choose iOS. iOS stands opposite of virtually everything that wp users said made their platform great, the customisable os, the choice of phones, so much about it.

    iOS is rigid and closed, about as creative as a brick. More than that however is that android has things like ms launcher which really integrates Microsoft into an android and cortana which can replace google assistant. I would actually ask, why would any wp convert choose iOS...
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    10-17-2017 03:52 PM
  17. tmc1979's Avatar
    I'm looking at replacing my Lumia 950, and for me the choice boils down to which iPhone to go for. 2 reasons: Apple's commitment to privacy, and updates. I have an Acer Android tablet. It came with Android 4.4. It's still on Android 4.4. No updates available. My parents have Nexus tablets. They've been able to update them, but with every version of Android they get slower and slower, until the older Nexus had to be replaced, it was unusable. On the other hand I know people who are still happy with their iPhone 4, on iOS10. I don't think I need to discuss privacy, it's pretty clear cut between the two.
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    10-17-2017 04:00 PM
  18. JasonH81's Avatar
    That's because Apple is a horrible ripoff. Hardware alone you are paying more for less. It doesn't include the fast charger accessories ($85) and the dumb dongle ($35) you'll need so you can plug your phone in and charge it while you use your headphones or aux.

    Plus Android has the Microsoft launcher, it really helps ease the transition.
    10-17-2017 04:05 PM
  19. Guytronic's Avatar
    That's because Apple is a horrible ripoff.
    I think what your paying for with Apple is customer servicing.
    For many I believe the high outlay simplifies their experience and keeps them confident that problems will be addressed without delay.
    10-17-2017 04:17 PM
  20. naddy6969's Avatar
    I moved to android first, with a new S7 Edge. Compared to WP it was heaven. But the more I used it the less I liked it. Android has weird issues with app management. An app I closed 2 days ago - and had not used since - would become a notification of: app X is using too much battery and has been suspended.

    All of my family is on iOS. I sold my Windows phones (an Icon, a 1520 and the 950XL dual sim) and Android tablet (Samsung S2) and bought iPads. These days I am pretty much all in on iOS. Still have the S7 edge, as that is a work phone. But when the next upgrade time comes around it will be an iPhone.

    I don't understand all the hate for Apple. Nor do I get the walled garden and it's too locked down. Locked down? WP was locked down because there was so much I could not do on it. The apps on iOS are better than the same apps on Android. Way less advertising, first of all. But just a smoother overall experience.

    Locked down, indeed. iOS is like being released from prison, after doing 2 to 5 in WP.
    10-17-2017 04:25 PM
  21. elbimster's Avatar
    I've used all 3 platforms in the last year, for extended periods as my daily driver. I had a 950XL (well, still have it) up through sometime in December. I also had an old iPhone for the handful of apps that WP didn't support. I found myself using the iPhone more and more, so I made the decision that even though I love my WP (I still think the built in apps are better than iOS or Android), the missing apps were too much.

    So in December, when I went home for xmas, I started using my dad's old iPhone 6s. It worked fine, and it was nice having one phone again to do everything. I started using it with the mindset it would be a stop-gap until the S8 came out. It took me about a month to just get bored and frustrated with it. It felt like it took SO many taps to do anything. Things that would take 1-2 taps on a WP took 6-7 on iOS. The thing I missed the most though? Live tiles. This is one of the main reasons I went to Android. NOTE: I do use an iPad, and absolutely love it as a tablet. Just didn't like the interface on the phone.

    Android has widgets. Widgets are not as good as live tiles IMO, but they're better than the NOTHING equivalent that iOS offers. Someone was asking why people complain about the boring iOS grid interface. I can't speak for everyone, but for me the WP Live Tiles allowed me to find out a piece of info without going into the app (who emailed me, who posted to my FB, what call did I miss, etc). Really without even having to tap or swipe anything. That's why I'm sticking with Android.

    Widgets are closer to Live Tiles than anything iOS offers, and it takes fewer taps on Android to achieve the same thing than it does with iOS.
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    10-17-2017 04:28 PM
  22. Xaxxus's Avatar
    A lot of people complaining that iOS has no wigets and is boring. It has widgets in the notification dropdown.

    And they actually work.

    On my oneplus 3, either the widgets don't work, take up more screen real estate then they actually occupy, are really buggy, or are just plain useless. Some of them are just buttons that open the app.
    10-17-2017 04:40 PM
  23. JohnnyNoir's Avatar
    Every post that I've read here regarding switching platforms and also many of Microsoft important people (Joe Belfiore, Bill Gates, etc.) , mentioned android as their destination.
    But why? Why not iOS?
    Because Android is basically Windows 3.1.
    10-17-2017 05:07 PM
  24. NIST's Avatar
    Galaxy S8+ running SquareHome2 99% Windows Phone. It was a simple and worthwhile switch. Plus VR, DEX, Connected home, Samsung Pay.....Zero security issues.
    10-17-2017 05:22 PM
  25. Husky44's Avatar
    I'm on this site more in the past 2 weeks than I have been in the previous 2 years, but I'm in the middle of making this transition. I would love to gut out WP if I knew that the Surface unicorn existed, but I've been waiting for it (or the almost real cousin, McLaren) since my 930 battery started getting weak.

    I tried an iPhone 6+ for a few days. I'm not sure what all the raves were about. Nothing seemed to be where it should, or even in the same place in different apps. As others have said, it took me many more clicks, swipes, etc, to accomplish a task than it did on my 950. The lack of live tiles frustrated not only me, but my iPhone-using wife--every time I pointed out to her how I would have known who emailed, or commented, or I wanted a quick glance at weather, and I told her how much better it was with WP.

    I'm back on my 950, as it's still running strong, although the battery is starting to get weak. I'm waiting for prices to drop on the V30 to give it a shot, but I'm not happy with either choice, honestly. I don't like iOS forcing me into the Apple way; I don't like Android/Google wanting to monetize every bit of my data, and the alleged security risks that appear to come with Android. It feels like I'm being asked if I want to starve to death, or be gut-shot and bleed out...
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    10-17-2017 05:23 PM
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