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  1. Husky44's Avatar
    I'm starting to prepare for plan B. Moving from my 950 to another platform. iOS is not the answer. I've been researching Android phones, and for now have narrowed it to the Samsung S8+ or the LG V30. I'm not ready to give up my headphone jack, so Pixel2 isn't in the game. Essential might be, but concerned that the camera doesn't get the job done. I'm not a photo geek, I want simple to use point-and-shoot that takes pics that make me look like a photo geek.

    So, I'm looking for expert opinions from people who know and aren't biased against W10 phone, on these two android options.

    I'm looking for the Android phone that I can most completely replicate my Lumia 950 experience: Bing, Cortana, Groove (although that looks like it's headed south too), full Office suite, OneNote, OneDrive for my cloud storage (seamless), Outlook AS my contacts/calendar (not "synced with"), Edge. Oh, and a headphone jack and wireless charging.
    10-12-2017 12:27 AM

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