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    So I received a set of Wraps Talk Wristband Headphones, as they call it.
    Though I call them earbuds as I consider headphones to be over-ear. The idea of these is to combine fashion with function by making them wearable around your wrist, and making the cord more stylish than a plastic coated wire.

    If you prefer a quick video review that goes into a bit more detail with a bit more goofiness, look right here:

    Here are some pictures I took of them:


    I'm not a fashion authority at all. Quite the opposite I'd say. I'll let you take a look above and be the judge. I'll say that I did struggle trying to look good wearing them. I guess middle aged dads aren't quite their target market. But to be fair, they do have a natural line with wood beads or leather, which I think would have suited me much better.

    Also, I should clarify, you can only wear them when you are NOT listening to music.

    The capability to wrap is a great feature though. After trying it out with a few different outfits (and failing), I thought, who says you have to WEAR them? I wrapped it around the handle of my bag and suddenly I liked them a whole lot more.


    I've never found a good way to transport earbuds... whether wrapping it around your phone, putting them in a bag, or a pocket; none of the solutions are ideal. So this seemed like a great solution for the fashion-challenged, like myself.

    Now the sound...
    Disclaimer: I am NOT an audiophile.

    I am pretty sure audiophiles wouldn't be thrilled with the sound. I noticed they didn't sound as nice as the $80 Sony and $40 Phillips buds I often use, but these can be found for $25. So keeping that in mind, I would say that you are getting decently good sound that is in line with the price point. Adjusting the equalizer on my Lumia 950 did some wonders to the sound, so there definitely are options to liven it up. So for the casual user, I wouldn't think the sound would jump out as really good or bad. Just somewhere in between... a non-story.

    My biggest gripe with them, is finding which is the proper ear to put them in! The left and right buds are shaped exactly the same to my eye, and there is a tiny little engraving that says R or L which is not easy at all to see.


    Listening to music is not a big deal which ear they're in, though it could be important when watching a movie, and it's very important when playing a game. So it did irritate me to take the time to look closely each time I donned them.

    So in conclusion, I could say that I would totally recommend them. Mainly because they are priced very fairly, don't sound bad, and I figure, if you are going to buy headphones in this price range anyhow, why not get a set that looks a bit more fashionable? And you'll have more storage options to boot due to it's wrappable design. So this is what I could recommend to the casual user. Audiophiles need not apply... go back to your $500 earbuds and move along. Nothing to see here. haha

    The good:
    -Fashionable designs and colours
    -Extra storage options if you don't want to wear them
    -Don't sound bad for the price

    The bad:
    -Really difficult to tell which is right and left

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