12-11-2017 01:03 AM
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  1. opium_tm's Avatar
    Anyway you can vote on the Microsoft feedback hub for the Project Astoria resurrection.

    For my opinion there is no damage for any operating system to have more apps, even emulated. It's a common reason. Emulated apps would promote OS as whole and then developers could consider OS as a platform to develop native apps. The other option is to have no apps, to be stuck at vicious "app gap" position and then go out.
    11-23-2017 08:05 AM
  2. Wevenhuis's Avatar
    I would be for an emulator for android on windows. But after experiencing project centennial spotify app and VM's for business, I'm not too keen on emulator's and VM's. Microsoft may be ahead of the game with these solutions, but they're far from ideal in real world performance. I think as end user's we allow ourselves too much compromise with the mediocre performance and stability issues with these rendereing technologies in 2017. I often get the idea we're right back in the early nineties with low-speed and crash proneness. For 2017 this is counterproductive and not the norm. It's nice the solution is there, but is it far from practical. And new hardware will be a must to get the performance right. Older hardware for mainstream daily use will regularly have issues. I have less issues with UWP and original legacy apps and programs. It's reality.

    Secondly I'm worried about a flood of security and crapware issues if an android emulator is allowed on windows. An emulator will most likely cover for that, but still. I can remember having this discussion 3 years ago, at the dawn of windows 10, where similiar sentiments were called out, next to the positives of bridging the app gap. I don't think that argument has changed much. That will be a love-hate relationship.
    I think an emulator for android on windows can be very beneficial to adress the app gap. But I do think performance and stability issues need top priority adressing from the start. I think in the short run it will be awesome, but in the long run it will be downright annoying and couterproductive if the apps run slow and laggy and frequently crash with loss of frame rates. I don't think android apps on windows deserve that kind of poor performance.
    12-08-2017 04:09 PM
  3. Drew Neilson's Avatar
    I wonder whether it would be possible to run Android natively on one of the recently-announced "Always Connected" PCs that run on ARM. Unless the hardware is tied specifically to the Windows software, perhaps it would be possible to install Android as a second bootable OS, such that when you boot the PC, you choose to boot into either Windows 10 or Android. Or perhaps some company will develop a Windows program compiled for ARM that runs Android in a virtual machine on top of Windows, and because the host device is an ARM-powered device, it would run faster than if it was an x86 device.
    12-11-2017 01:03 AM
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