07-17-2022 02:30 PM
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  1. Overkill_001's Avatar
    Yes. Still rocking a Lumia 950 XL. Disappointed that Nadella is too short-sighted to see Windows on mobile grow, of course, and getting a little frustrated how, ever since he made that decision, developers have also stopped updating their apps or pulling them out entirely from the Microsoft Store. But I did spend a lot of money on this phone and I don't like the idea of it going to waste.

    I am, however, already starting to look around for a possible replacement within the Android ecosystem. I ended up with a Microsoft Lumia 950XL mainly because I had started on the Lumia path with Nokia, so I'm now also looking into going back to my Nokia roots. If the Nokia 9 is released soon, I might make the switch then.

    I'm *CONSIDERING* waiting for the mythical Surface Phone, but only if it gets released real soon, and only if it has a camera as good as or better than the ones on the Lumia 950 XL. However, I think I'm not alone in thinking that the betrayal by Nadella toward the Windows Phone fan base has already steered many clear of any future form of Windows on mobile.
    01-20-2018 05:05 PM
  2. finbaar's Avatar
    I have a Lumia 650 as a second device but it plays second fiddle to my Nokia 8.
    01-20-2018 05:16 PM
  3. mweflen's Avatar
    I was a WP true believer. Lumia 900/1020/950 (with a cheap 640 purchased as a music player and W10M test phone).

    I jumped ship last April to Android. First I got a Sony Xperia XA1 as a test phone, liked it, and then upgraded to an Xperia XZ Premium.

    I run Square Home 2 as my launcher in Android to give me a near-Live Tile experience.

    Overall, I left WP because of declining app support and inconsistent (and hot) performance on my 950. Outlook, Facebook, Messenger, and News apps all performed way better and with more features on Android. Accounts were a nightmare on the 950, constantly bugging me to log in, never able to sync multiple emails properly. Only the camera gave me pause for switching. But I'm very happy with the XZ Premium. I'd say the camera is 90% as good, but the apps and reliability are at least 200% of what I was getting on my 950 in April 2017.
    01-20-2018 05:25 PM
  4. dhugos's Avatar
    I'm glad that you have confirmed that it's ok to still use a WP ;-) I use it because about four years ago I got used to and still vastly prefer the interface. When I hear phone manufacturers today boast about features WP had years ago like wireless charging, Continuum, and photography, I can't help but wonder why MS would throw it all away. I guess its because WP as a whole was done so monumentally wrong, they think that it's pre-ordained that they will be sure WP fails. Yes, the apps someday will stop working, but the web versions of what I use work fine. I seem to be OK without an app that lets me play songs on the juke box for example. The phones are real cheap and not hard to find either.
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    01-20-2018 05:27 PM
  5. Zero Omar's Avatar
    I still use a Lumia 630 running windows phone 8.1 were almost all apps are outdated and not working anymore.
    why I still use it ?
    1. it looks cool.
    2. I can't afford a new phone
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    01-20-2018 05:31 PM
  6. Gregorius Magnus's Avatar
    Still using my 950 DS for both personal and corporate reasons as my only phone. Why? It still Works great, just bought a replacement battery, so as good as new, and there is just too many things I'd miss. I got an iPhone 5S as a corporate phone, and it still sits well in my cabinet in its boksz, used it for a single day and restarted twice wihtout reason, so I figured that's that, no more, thank you! A Windows Phone is capable of doing the same but without all the hype at least. My wife had an older Android phone and she often fell back to use my 950 in bed at night for performance reasons, and for the few times I needed to use her phone, it just felt so alien to me that I did not feel the urge to switch to it. So as long as my 950 serves me well,I am all happy.
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    01-20-2018 05:42 PM
  7. tomi1982's Avatar
    I have a Lumia 920 latest build and steel working
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    01-20-2018 05:46 PM
  8. Mark Fetters's Avatar
    Using an Alcatel Idol 4s as my daily driver, with a L640 as my backup. I like the OS and would prefer to stay with Win phone, but the app gap is becoming an issue with my family (they're all on android or iphone). I also put a couple small cracks in the Idol's screen a couple weeks ago. :-( I will probably be moving to android before long, which is a shame.
    01-20-2018 06:01 PM
  9. Bert Caris's Avatar
    Still using a Nokia 930 on a daily basis, private as well as business, no problems, user friendly, and very well integrated ecosystem.
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    01-20-2018 06:15 PM
  10. onemoredave's Avatar
    My wife and I both use 950xl's. I switched from an iPhone just as W10M was being released so I don't have any deep seeded feelings about it, but I did really love the direction MS were headed with mobile. Continuum, projecting/ picking up where you left off on other PC's, C-Shell, windows hello, wireless charging...plus regular updates and patches.

    While I was disappointed to hear that MS weren't going to be actively developing W10M anymore, that's not a reason to ditch perfectly good phones. We'll continue to use them until they stop working or stop being supported (2019 I think) not out of sentimentality but out of practicality.
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    01-20-2018 06:19 PM
  11. bguy_1986's Avatar
    I kind of still wish I was using my Windows Phone, but I bought an iPhone and it freaking sucks. Reminders, I always have unread messages and they mean that I need to complete something, so those stupid red dots never go away. I could complain for hours.

    I thought about sending it back, but I already have a case and wires for it. Seemed like a lot of work to send it back. I'm going to suck it up for now.

    I probably should have switched to Android, but Google is evil.
    01-20-2018 06:21 PM
  12. Game_Over's Avatar
    I am still using my Lumia 950XL because no other phone in the market is a real upgrade to it especially the camera. Cortana was working great until MS decided to drop important features like identifying music.
    I am waiting for the rumored Huawei p20 which will have 40MP camera and will switch MS eco system to Android in the process.
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    01-20-2018 06:32 PM
  13. worldspy99's Avatar
    Can we all agree that despite some of the features of W10 I feel 8.1 was clearly superior? PIM was definitely better.
    Yup, WP8.1 was great. I still have my Lumia 925 on WP8.1.
    01-20-2018 06:39 PM
  14. bguy_1986's Avatar
    Can we all agree that despite some of the features of W10 I feel 8.1 was clearly superior? PIM was definitely better.
    That OS was rock solid. I don't remember ever really having an issue.
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    01-20-2018 06:42 PM
  15. Muhamad Idaham Umar Ong's Avatar
    Using my 950 xl as a modem
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    01-20-2018 06:43 PM
  16. Doctor_Who's Avatar
    Yes, I'm still using Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile. Two reasons. First, I love it. Heck, I've even written an app for it that's in the Store. Second, it boils down to money. I can't afford to buy a new (to me) phone. Come on, I'm not made out of money. I'm sticking with my Lumia 950 until it dies. Hopefully by then I'll be able to afford to buy another phone.
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    01-20-2018 07:00 PM
  17. Mark Francis's Avatar
    I have a S8+ and a 950XL. I use both mainly because the dailer on the S8 is garbage, for one pulling it out of my pocket I would hangup customers, something that doesn't happen w/950. The S8 get most of the usage because of the app available for work reason. Don't get me started on the notification mess that Android is on the S8.
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    01-20-2018 07:06 PM
  18. mwright53's Avatar
    I'm on Verizon and still using a 8.1 phone. It's paid for and I am not a power user. It mostly does what I need and I don't sweat the rest that much.
    01-20-2018 07:07 PM
  19. Whodaboss's Avatar
    Family still using Windows Phone devices. It ranges from the Lumina 830, Alcatel, and Lumina 950. Why? Because the OS is better than either iOS or Android hands down. For those who decide to leave I hope they like whatever they have moved to. Just don't try to convince me either iOS or Android is better, because it's not in my opinion. Long live Windows Mobile!
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    01-20-2018 07:53 PM
  20. Fer Cos's Avatar
    I use my 950XL as it's my phone, I have a worked supplied Samsung and hate it.

    My wife uses her 950.

    We will use them till they become unusable or a suitable replacement becomes available, we hope they will be phone sized devices that run full blown W10 with telephony, my personal favourite will be that we can port our mobile numbers to our Windows accounts so we could then make calls to and from any PC like our Surfaces and Xbox's as well as the smaller devices.
    I feel the exact same way.
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    01-20-2018 08:09 PM
  21. mary beth hale's Avatar
    I break out my beloved $30 640 about 2 to 3 times a year because, as others have said, I need to get my WP fix.
    Honestly still heartbroken about the demise of my favorite OS. What a prolonged, brutal experience the death of WP was for those of us who love(d) it.
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    01-20-2018 08:27 PM
  22. mary beth hale's Avatar
    Yup, WP8.1 was great. I still have my Lumia 925 on WP8.1.
    Yeah rolled my little 640 back to that 6 months go.
    01-20-2018 08:33 PM
  23. fatclue_98's Avatar
    I break out my beloved $30 640 about 2 to 3 times a year because, as others have said, I need to get my WP fix.
    Honestly still heartbroken about the demise of my favorite OS. What a prolonged, brutal experience the death of WP was for those of us who love(d) it.
    Don't deny it, you know it's a guilty pleasure. Right up there with Barry Manilow and guys who like "The Notebook".
    01-20-2018 08:34 PM
  24. Dan Dialogue's Avatar
    My wife is still using a Lumia 920. Why? Simple. It still works for her and refuses to let me buy her something else.
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    01-20-2018 09:06 PM
  25. rchapman80's Avatar
    I've never used a Windows phone as my smartphone. I have always been on iPhone and now Android. I did try out a windows phone to some extent. I purchased a Lumina 540 unlocked for maybe $40 during one Christmas. I used it as an alternative to an iPod Touch at a fraction of the cost and it worked wonderfully until the day it died a few years ago. I didn't worry about apps since I only used it occasionally for browsing put mainly music and some video. It's a shame Microsofts mobile platform never took off. It had a lot of potential but with such little following it didn't make sense to keep it going.
    01-20-2018 09:10 PM
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