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    An Introduction to Table Tennis

    Ping pong as a sport has had from over a century. Although table tennis, or "table tennis", began as a fun game to play in the house, it became a sport seriously, especially in Asian countries like China. It is now also an Olympic sport.

    Interesting people in taking the sport to play entertainment or competition should be aware of the fundamental aspects and rules of the game, some of which are discussed below:

    1. Each player needs a ping-pong table. The paddle is a ping pong what a racket is to tennis. It is made of wood, and the surface is prominent, called the tongue, covered with rubber, usually black on one side and red on the other side. Interestingly, the paddle may be any size, shape and weight, the only rule is that the blades must be flat and rigid.

    In the league, the referee will examine the player's paddle to find that no tears or any damage to the rubber can affect how the ball bouncing out of the tongue of the paddle. Usually players are not allowed to replace their paddle in the match. For more information about table tennis, check out our blog: http://pingpongclan.com/how-to-hold-...ly-for-newbie/

    2. Table Tennis Table is 9 feet long and 5 feet wide and 2 feet in 6 inches above the floor. This is made of wood and is usually painted dark blue with a 3/4 inch wide white sugar drawn along the edge. There is also a white line wide 1/8 inches in between for use in the double game. The player must keep the ball inside these signs like in the tennis.

    3. A network split the table into two buildings of the same size. Grids should measure 6 inches in height. The network is anchored to an article on each side of the table, which can be up to 6 inches outside the sidelines.

    4. When the ball is served, first it must touch the table on the server side of the network and then bounce the grid and click on the board on the other side. If the ball touches the grid or goes out of the table margin, without hitting the table, it is a lost point. If the ball touches the grid but goes over and touching the table on the other side, it is a allow serving and the server gets a chance.

    5. When playing doubles, the server is required to serve the ball so that it bounced back on the other side of the network, in half the opposite of the table from which he is serving. Each player serves a ball 5 times, resulting in a score, and then the task serves to turn to the next player.

    6. Matches are divided into sets, which are often played until a player scored 21 points and leads ahead of 2 points. A match is often won by the player to win two sets. In tournaments, specific scoring rules will be set in advance.

    Table tennis can be played by 2 people together or 4 people like two pairs. The rules in both are alike except for the service.

    Ping Pong is an exciting and fun sport to play or watch. Know the rules and other details of the game, which will help you enjoy the game. With useful information about ping pong paddle, my article will help you solve your problem: http://pingpongnow.com/what-is-the-s...ng-pong-table/
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