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    First, I have to say that I ditched Windows as my primary OS five years ago when I switched back to Mac (after a 15 year break). I still have plenty of Windows devices, but they are not where I do the bulk of my computer usage. I only browse the net, watch videos, occasional email, etc. on windows. If I need to sit for any long period and do work, it's on the Mac. I think of tablets as a consumption device still, the 2 in 1 is the best of both worlds.

    As far as Windows 10 on a tablet... I'm torn. My biggest complaint is the footprint. It constantly goes up. With no real apps installed, I'm nearly at 13gb with hibernation reduced and the OS compacted. If you don't need a surface or anything fancy, it makes sense to buy one of the many budget tablets that they put smaller storage in. That's kind of a negative for me. I use an SD card to help alleviate any concerns. Still, it would be nice if certain features or built in things could be removed.

    As for the OS itself, I still have zero use at all for universal apps. They aren't good, good developers completely ignore them, the big ones that exist lack features, etc.... I use desktop mode 99.9% of the time even when using the touchscreen. It amazes me that a wannabe computer like an iPad or an Android tablet has better apps. Still, there is nothing like having a full OS and being able to do pretty much anything on a tablet though. That is the saving grace for me. Why do I need a limited app when I have a full OS? I don't! I think that is a big reason why we don't see "tablets" as much as 2-in-1s and touchscreen laptops.

    Oh and for you Edge lovers, I'm sorry, but no. Just no. No, no, no. Firefox and Chrome are still better. It's had plenty of time to mature and it still isn't up to par. It is going to die a painful death in the next couple of years. The life support on it is running out. I stuck with IE through thick and thin, but I cannot use Edge for more than 10 minutes before I'm downloading Chrome. (I do not trust google, don't care for google, they probably know more about me than I'd like, etc... but still will use Chrome because Edge sucks so bad.)

    We have a Windows 10 touchscreen desktop and nobody ever touches the screen. I don't miss it on my non-touch laptops and although I do use the touchscreen quite a bit on the 2-in-1, I'm thankful to have the touchpad and keyboard as well.

    It's fun, I keep looking for something like a higher spec Asus VivoTab with Pen or something in an 8" form factor that is pocketable, and there is nothing. Then I think, well, even if it existed.... there are no good apps and I'd go crazy without the keyboard and touchpad.

    Between phones and 2 in 1s, the need for a "tablet" is becoming very non-existent anyhow. Phones now are the "tablet". We're ten years in and we still don't have anything like the mythical Courier that we all craved and salivated over when we heard about it. There are so many possibilities with that form factor and I wonder if they will ever be realized.

    I'd like to see more devices like the PGD Pocket than Windows tablets at this point. Add a pen to a Pocket, Make the screen reversible like a 2 in 1, up the specs a bit and I'd be in heaven.
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