09-07-2017 03:44 PM
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    After careful consideration and having used both the 1520 and the 1020 side by side... I'm reaching for the 1020 first every time. I'm going to concentrate on honing my photography skills on the 1020 and it's time to let my love affair with the 1520 fade...

    1520 is still a wonderful beast of a phone and a great shooter, but for the type of photography I like the 1020 is simply a better choice.
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    04-24-2017 08:42 AM
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    After careful consideration and having used both the 1520 and the 1020 side by side... I'm reaching for the 1020 first every time. I'm going to concentrate on honing my photography skills on the 1020 and it's time to let my love affair with the 1520 fade...

    1520 is still a wonderful beast of a phone and a great shooter, but for the type of photography I like the 1020 is simply a better choice.
    Wow, I can only imagine how it felt to arrive at this decision. I think it's going to be fun to use the 1020 in that way!
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    04-24-2017 08:52 AM
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    So now that I'm down to just the 1020 as a dedicated camera... And with a 2 week trip to Portugal just over the horizon in late October...

    I told my wife what the next phase was. She asked, "If you are going to spend more money on it why not just get a camera?" Good point. So I looked at Point & Shoot cameras and some DSLRs. To match the MP and the raw potential of the 1020 P&S is pretty much out and DSLR is $$$ to match or exceed the venerable yellow monster.

    Final phase therefore initiated.

    Should round me out fairly well as a kit. Can't wait for the gear to come in so I can get some practice time with it...
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    Why don't you just get a camera...?

    Kidding :)

    Sounds like fun my good man...
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    07-07-2017 07:17 PM
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    Hope the battery on the 1020 holds up...
    I've been in situations with a 920, where it took so long to charge up the battery (esp since its non-removable), I kept a simple P&S on standby.
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    07-07-2017 09:57 PM
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    Hope the battery on the 1020 holds up...
    I've been in situations with a 920, where it took so long to charge up the battery (esp since its non-removable), I kept a simple P&S on standby.
    So far battery has not been an issue. I got the 1020 almost BNIB last year. The Swappa seller stated that it had only been out of the box to test functionality and then it was reboxed and put up for sale. Near as I can tell this is left over AT&T stock and I'm the first to really use the device. Plus I have the camera grip which adds another 1020 mAh of battery (see what they did there?) for a total of 3020 mAh. Plenty of juice since it isn't doing any phone or internet stuff.

    I am hoping I can get the BeastGrip configured so that the camera grip can stay on when mounted. I'm pretty sure I can configure it that way.
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    07-08-2017 07:01 AM
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    Aaah.. That camera grip. One of the better accessory ideas for handphones.

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    07-09-2017 01:14 AM
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    Got the 1020 mounted in a Beastgrip. Here are some initial experimental shots. Just testing as it were.

    All pics are the 5MP oversampled images so they will fit the forum.

    Tripod mounted. Auto everything except flash forced off. Lumia Camera.


    Same shot with maximum onboard zoom.


    Same shot adding Panasonic 3.5x telephoto. Very noticeable vignetting.


    And zooming in with onboard zoom until the vignetting is gone.


    Then max onboard zoom through the 3.5x Panasonic lens.


    I can probably achieve better results when using manual focus through the 3.5x. I just took some quick shots to see how much zoom is gained.

    Here is one straight from the Lumia Camera app, all auto except flash forced off. I took this shot freehand. IMHO, Lumia 1020 simply won't focus in close and needs a lot of room between the lens and subject. No onboard zoom used and this is as tight in as I could get.


    I added the +10 macro "filter" which let me get in much closer. Again, no onboard zoom was used.


    Since the filters are stackable I kept the +10 on the mount and added the +4 and +2 for a total of +16.


    Here is a sample of the +16 pic screen capped from computer when viewing at 100% size.


    Compare that to a 100% view screencap from the unassisted shot.

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    07-13-2017 02:51 PM
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    Oh yeah, I'm a bit sad that the won't fit in the Beastgrip when it is wearing the camera grip accessory. Oh well...
    07-13-2017 02:52 PM
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    O... K...

    Can't think of anything else to add to my 1020 to complete the project and turn it into a full on dedicated camera/video monster.

    I have a few more items dribbling in. Once they all arrive I'll do a photo/video presentation on the whole kit. Still cheaper than a DSLR in the long run.
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    07-27-2017 06:26 PM
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    Here's a video about Beastgrip and a few other things... 5 still photos at the start... Then it gets a bit rambling. All in the video is almost 1/2 an hour long. Sorry about that, but I had a lot to say on the subject even after such a short while.

    I'll follow up in the coming days and post sample pics using the various filters and lenses I've accrued to mount to my Lumia 1020 via the Beastgrip.

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    08-14-2017 08:43 PM
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    08-14-2017 09:01 PM
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    Well the field of view is wider with the 58mm 0.45x Wide Angle Converter



    But when you look at the margins they are blurry and have color artifacts. Disappointed. I hate to think that you have to pay a fortune for a clear shot. $15 isn't enough apparently... Although I do still find it useful to widen out a closely held shot in video.

    Meanwhile Panorama continues to be the best bet for stills. Here's a 2 panel stitch and a 4 panel one.

    I stacked the Neutral Density filters 8/4/2 and took a shot.



    It didn't really enhance the flow effect of the waterfall, but it did tame the reflections and the blown out colors. It is a bit underexposed. Think I need to play with manual settings a bit here and force a longer expose time and a set ISO. Without the stacked filters it shot 1/266 second at ISO 100. With it shot 1/14 second at ISO 400. I'll play with this more next time, though the ND 8 by itself would most likely have been a good balance to tame the overly bright sunlight in the foreground. I'm also looking at some ND filters in a 58mm size. I can go much higher (ND 1000 for instance) at a reasonable price and the 37mm ones are all lower rated or variable. Not sure I want to go the variable route of 2-400 and have yet another adjustment to calculate.

    Here's another effort with the stacked ND filters. This one in dappled light in the woods.

    Before was shot 1/67 second at ISO 100:

    After was shot 1/9 second at ISO 800:

    Here is the ND filtered shot with auto-correct applied (Office Picture Manager):

    I think that fixed the exposure somewhat. Seems to have smoother "flow" to the water than the unfiltered pic.
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    08-23-2017 08:08 PM
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    Got the Zecti light out and mounted it. Used the camcorder battery for power. Gotta love this light. Tripod shots all the way

    I was pretty far in. Here's an unlit shot looking back:

    And here are some shots with the 144 LED light box illuminating the scene. Brightness at 99% and the color at 5600k:

    Took a couple more with the temp at 3200k:

    I was in much farther than the shot looking out and around a bend for this last one. Still at 3200k:

    As much as I love the Xenon flash on the 1020, I love this light better...

    I played with the Macro filters. Here they were stacked +10/4/2/1:

    And just the +10:

    I also played with the Gradual Green filter. Had it set to cover the top half of this pic:

    IMHO, the tones are definitely better in the background than the foreground.

    I also played with the Circular Polarizer filter, but I forgot to get a before and after. Here's a shot through the filter:

    Here's an unfiltered shot from later on. The filtered shot had the sun behind my right shoulder and this one is with the sun nearly equivalent in how indirect it is to the lens and also behind my right shoulder:
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    08-23-2017 08:41 PM
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    Moar tests. I do have a 58mm ND 1000 filter on order. Meanwhile I returned the 3.5x tele to B&H and substituted 2 different lenses. One is a Digital Visions 2.0x and the other is a Vivitar 2.2x.

    5MP oversamples for all...

    Here's a manual focus shot straight from Lumia 1020. I focused on the near end of the L shaped building (center of the shot).


    I then attached the 37 > 58mm step-up ring to the 37mm Neutral Density 4 filter to cut some haze and glare and mounted this to the BeastGrip. Here's a manual focus thru the ND4 filter.


    And manual focus, ND4, max zoom on the 1020.


    I think the shot looks better with auto focus. Better color balance.


    I actually grabbed the Vivitar tele and the wide angle when I first went out. I had to go back inside for the Digital Visions so the framing looks different on this one from the others. ND4, manual focus 58mm Digital Visions 2.0x tele.


    Almost as much vignetting as the discarded 3.5x Panasonic tele (see post #58 above), but way less loss of focus outside the center of the shot.

    Here's ND4, manual focus, 2.0x tele, max zoom from the 1020.


    I think the Vivitar 2.2x tele comes off slightly better.

    Here's ND4, manual focus, 58mm Vivitar 2.2X tele.


    Way less vignetting than the Digital Visions despite a slightly longer barrel and the center of clarity is larger, IMHO.

    This one is ND4, manual focus, 2.2x tele and max zoom from the 1020.


    I might get some usable crops out of the Vivitar when using the 34MP DNG files.

    By the by... I set up a quick shot for you to see the 37mm 8 point Star Filter effect.


    By rotating the filter in the mount you can change the angle of the rays...

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    09-04-2017 11:42 AM
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    The ND 1000 filter came in... It's really dark. 10 f-stops reduction is the "effect." Not solar eclipse dark, but it should achieve some effects for me.

    Here's one that went off at 1/12 second and ISO 800 when shot on auto through the ND 1000 filter. I opened the DNG in Fotor, applied auto-enhance and saved to JPG. Size was reduced via Office Picture Manager.


    This one clicked at 1/17 second and ISO 800. Fotor for the DNG where I cranked the saturation all the way up and added +20 brightness. Then I did a diagonal band of Tilt Shift at the angle of the fountain heads and pulled tight to fit the geysers. Saved to JPG and reduced in Picture Manager.


    I'll try and get some more soon, but I also need to try and remember to manually force ISO to 100 or 200. That should extend the exposure time some more.
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    09-07-2017 03:44 PM
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