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    So a couple of days ago, I decided to give the ol' Xbox Music a chance at playing some tunes for me with my phone hooked up to my boat. I pulled up a rather obscure song "Until we bleed" by Kleerup/Lykke Li and hit the Smart DJ button. To my surprise, the service started playing one **** of a playlist. EVERYONE on the boat enjoyed it and commented on how good it worked. Later, I pulled up a track by BassHunter and hit the button again, presto, great beats for all of those who were getting a bit tipsy.

    Today, I decided I wanted to hear a similar mix as the first one. Pulled up the same song ("Until we Bleed") and got a message saying that the service does not have enough information on the artist to play a Smart DJ mix. Wait, what? It played perfectly across LTE and now I am playing with my 50/5 wifi - and it can't figure it out. Well, that is an obscure song, so decided I would give ti a try with BassHunter just to see if there is a problem with the other group. SAME message. I tried several other groups in the same genre, and each came up empty. Went to an Aerosmith song, and Dumb DJ worked fine. What the ****? How on Earth could this have worked perfectly on Sunday and be this off today? Just don't get it, and just had to vent.

    At least Last.fm works...
    12-05-2012 12:11 AM

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