07-26-2013 07:27 PM
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  1. Sari_M's Avatar
    Similar DRM problems have plagued me for several months now. I've been able to download music using the Xbox Music pass directly on the phone, but music I've downloaded on the PC and transferred to the phone (Lumia 920) via an usb cable will not play (because of the metadata apocalypse I will never ever under no conditions put the cloud sync or connect to Xbox Music on again until I have a sure proof that they have corrected it). I have gone through all the steps that KHROMAsynthetic explained: first trying out the tricks presented on the forum, soft-reseted countless times, messed around with dates and times, re-synced my Microsoft account, etc.; then chatting with the support and finally speaking on the phone, the support trying to force my account to refresh, all that. And finally getting the answer that this is a known problem and technicians are working on it and the next update will solve the issue, etc. etc.

    I let my music pass expire about a week ago. Meanwhile I had to do a hard reset on my phone for other reasons, so I thought maybe things with Xbox Music might have cleared up as a side effect. So I gave the pass another go. But with no avail . Renewing the subscription after a pause didn't help, even a hard-reset didn't help. Still getting the "unable to confirm the media rights" message. So hard-reseting is useless for solving this problem.

    Xbox Music is like an abusive boyfriend. He cheats on you, he beats you, he's totally unreliable. But still you return because... if it worked, it would be sooo marvellous.
    05-04-2013 06:48 AM
  2. KHROMAsynthetik's Avatar
    I understand your frustration, and it's awful that after a hard reset it still didn't work. There must be some serious problems with this service behind the scenes - I wonder if all the problems arose when it became Xbox Music - did anyone have any problems when it was Zune Pass on WP7? I know I didn't, for over two years.

    Anyway - I tried to play a downloaded song in bed late last night, and after two weeks of nothing working at all, it miraculously played. I've just downloaded a couple of albums to test them out and they seem to be playing as well. I don't know whether to be rejoicing in the streets or wary that it might stop working at any moment! I feel like I can't trust it to keep working, though I'm very glad it is. I can't help but wonder why it would suddenly start working again after more than two weeks. Maybe I'll fire off another email to support and ask if they happened to flick a switch last night...

    I hope it gets resolved for Sari_M and everyone else that has this issue, and hopefully Microsoft can actually fix the service.
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    05-04-2013 09:23 AM
  3. Ratros's Avatar
    Same problem here. I contacted Microsoft consumer support and got fairly different answers.
    XBOX team says that 1) it has nothing to do with the phone, 2) it only happens when users transit from trial period to regular subscription and 3) the only available solution is to hard-reset your phone. Windows Phone teams says that 1) the problem can be tracked back to several defects, from the phone's OS to Microsoft's servers. 2) They have sent a team for further investigation and it may take longer than expected for the patch to come. 3)Try deleting your browsing history, or removing your device from the Music device management interface on XBOX.com. If it still doesn't work, reset your phone.
    05-11-2013 04:48 AM
  4. Sari_M's Avatar
    Finally this morning none of my Xbox Music Pass music on the phone wouldn't play. Not music I downloaded directly on the phone, not music that previously had worked. I contacted Windows Phone support and they suggested a hard-reset. I assume the person there saw my previous history with fighting this problem. Now I'm pondering another hard-reset, that would be the third one on this phone. Or should I switch back to Spotify... but I've used it quite a lot and I don't like it... it really is not easy to be a music aficionado with a Windows Phone.

    On the other hand, with KHROMAsynthetik everything suddenly started to work, which would point to the problem having nothing to do with the phone at all but rather with Microsoft servers. Maybe better wait for a few days.
    05-11-2013 08:59 AM
  5. KHROMAsynthetik's Avatar

    I was also told to try a hard reset, but I made it clear that I didn't want to unless absolutely necessary. They conceded the point that it might not fix the issue, and as Sari_M has noted, a hard reset hasn't fixed it for them. I tried literally everything except a hard reset, and nothing worked. Then one day, after about two weeks of DRM issues, it suddenly started working. I can't explain it.


    Honestly, I was amazed when it just started working. Nothing had worked for two weeks, and I had just decided to try and forget about it, so it was certainly nothing I did that made it work. I can only assume that MS are constantly tinkering with things behind the scenes and happened to correct my issue.

    I understand the frustration everyone's having with XBM, because when it works it's a fantastic service. It really needs to work, without issue, for everyone.

    I hope MS can fix it.
    05-11-2013 01:15 PM
  6. Sari_M's Avatar
    I decided to do a hard-reset after all. And this time it seems to have solved the problem. The difference now was that before hard-resetting I removed everything from the Xbox Music cloud to make a clear start, I don't know if that made it. But for how long will it work this time? Am I ready to hard-reset every time it stops working?
    05-12-2013 01:15 AM
  7. ChrisLynch's Avatar
    I too have an escalated case with the Windows Phone Support Team. They have stated the issue has been reproduced in their labs, and that they are working on a fix. I am not about to hard-reset my phone. I do believe an OS update to WP8, along with the sync/transfer apps will come. However, since this issue has plagued WP8 since it's release, I certainly hope the fix comes with the next GDR update.

    Oh, and not a single one of the DRM protected content I have synced from my PC to my L920 has ever played. If I delete the content and download directly to my phone from the Marketplace, it plays just fine. And yes, the content I am syncing is XBM content, not Zune.
    05-12-2013 03:45 AM
  8. Trainwreck_0532's Avatar
    Unfortunately, Xbox desktop app has pillaged my music collection and automatically change all my songs and albums and divided them so much I can't find my songs. Which in turn messed up my songs on the phone, it can't find the DRM because it change all the info. Fortunately my Zune and Zune software are still keeping it real. Hopefully this upcoming update fixes these issues for people who were switched over from Zune.
    05-12-2013 12:49 PM
  9. silvertonesx24's Avatar
    The time/date solution worked for me. Turned off auto update, resynced MS account, all works ok.
    06-03-2013 09:25 PM
  10. christopherbarran's Avatar
    I had seen some issues about this and thought by now it would be resolved. I guess not. I have a lumia 920 and 1 month ago (when i got the phone) I signed up for the trial. As of today none of the music I downloaded I can play, but I can stream from the store. Also I purchased a track and that plays fine.
    So do I have to wait? I tried syncing, turning the phone off. Don't want to mess around with the date. And I really do not want to do a hard reset. So I should talk to MS via the xbox support and get them to cancel the subscription and then I sign up for a new one?
    07-11-2013 10:08 AM
  11. KHROMAsynthetik's Avatar
    At the very least get onto support, give them details of your issue and see what they say. You can always tell them what you've read in this thread and ask if you think any of the suggestions you've seen will help. Let them do their thing first, but do point out that you really don't want to hard-reset if you can help it, so that they don't just throw that out there straight off the bat. I know it's frustrating - I've been using Zune/XBM Pass for about two and a half years and my sub dropped out for about a month not too long ago. One day, after trying everything under the sun to no avail, it just suddenly worked again and I've had no problems since.

    If they can't resolve it then and there for you, make sure to tell them you're not happy (in a polite manner!), as they'll probably offer you some free MS Points as way of compensation. Good luck, hope you get it fixed!
    07-11-2013 10:31 AM
  12. christopherbarran's Avatar
    thanks for your reply
    how do i actually contact them via xbox support? it is using the chat?
    07-11-2013 11:47 PM
  13. KHROMAsynthetik's Avatar
    No worries. Go here and hover over the Music & Video and click 'contact us' and then chat. Good luck!
    07-12-2013 07:11 AM
  14. BadIntentVG's Avatar
    I can't believe this crippling issue, present since the release of WP8, still has not been fixed by Microsoft. Like several of you, I talked with support and after trying several steps that didn't work, they prompted me to delete all my music from the Xbox Music and Subscriptions folder and redownload every single song removed directly on my phone. They admitted it would be a pain, gave me some MS points and said "we're working on it" and that there was no ETA for the fix. I followed the steps and had no problems playing music. After a month of only downloading songs directly to the phone, I downloaded ONE song from the Xbox Music app to add it to a playlist for my workout outside and the playlist worked fine on my computer. That night I synced with the WP app and not only did that one song I added get the usage rights error, but ALL of the songs that I had previously redownloaded have that same error again. Rant warning:

    No, Microsoft is not "working on it". If they had been, this issue would have been fixed or made less common after an entire year+ of WP8 being out. I wouldn't be surprised if GDR2, 3, and WP 8.1 came out and this problem still existed. I say this because it's clear Zune isn't being brought back, and they're too busy with their heads "in the cloud" so to speak. They added a new coat of paint to Xbox Music which improves its look and functionality as a music player, but that's it. There is no ability to sync local music and playlists to your phone, and the WP8 apps for metro and desktop still have problems transferring DRM rights. I even tried Windows Media player. The same tracks that don't work on the phone don't work on WMP. I'm echoing the sentiment that if Xbox music worked properly, it would be far superior to all the other subscription services I've used thus far. $10 a month for unlimited downloads that you can sync to your phone for offline use wherever you are? That sounds amazing in theory, but somewhere Microsoft totally screwed up with DRM causing "we are unable to confirm the media usage rights" error messages left and right.

    I wish WP Central and review sites out there would stop ignoring this issue. It almost never gets brought up outside of forums. Bring it to light, make a point to Microsoft that this issue is still ongoing after a year and that it is unacceptable. They are not swayed by those suggestion threads on their user voice site, but they will be swayed if the biggest site dedicated to Windows Phone called them out on this problem. If it starts here, it trickles down to review sites adding information about Xbox Music errors. At worst it will serve as a warning to people who love to sync music and are thinking of getting a Windows Phone. At best, Microsoft will step up and finally solve this issue because of the pressure.
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    07-26-2013 07:27 PM
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