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    I'm not seeing a topic on here that discusses this. One discusses M4A files, which I have no problem with. But I have a number of M4P files I bought on iTunes back before WP7. I'd like to use some of them outside of an Apple device (which I have none any more and don't plan to use again), but WP8, etc, won't recognize the M4P files.

    I see plenty of converters to buy, but there really isn't a free one to use anywhere? I suppose I can spend $30 bucks on a program, but that's annoying to have to do that for songs I've paid for and would like to continue to listen to.

    I know of the option of burning, then ripping a cd, but I don't feel like doing that for the 200+ songs I have.

    Any suggestions?
    01-03-2013 05:11 PM
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    Hey I may have found a solution for your problem


    If you want to pay

    I use CopyTrans TuneSwift the link to download the software is


    This will allow you to transfer your music to your computer, external hard drive etc.

    But you might be better to post a thread on imore they would properly know a lot more about transferring music from itunes to pc and might give better alternative to what I gave.
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    01-06-2013 07:53 AM

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