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    I spent 2 hours online with Xbox Music and Windows Phone support on Saturday trying to work through this problem and all I ended up with was a bricked phone after a hard reset and a need to exchange my Lumia 920 for a new one. I am really hoping that someone here may have an idea or two as to how to fix this.

    I both have an Xbox Music pass (formerly an original Zune Pass account) and am getting a really weird problem. Last week, I started encountering the issue where it tells me that media usage rights for some of our music were not valid on some of the music, so I decided to start looking into fixing that. In the course of working on that problem, I deleted one of the albums from my phone and decided to try downloading the album again. When I found the album in the store to download, instead of giving me the option to download it, it just said "in collection." If I pressed on the "in collection" text, it then takes me to another page that it allows me to purchase the music. I don't get why I am not able to download the album locally to my phone again.

    In working with Xbox Music and Windows Phone support, we tried a number of things - checking the time and date on my phone and changing it to manual, turning on and off numerous times all of the sync settings in Xbox Music and they removed my phone from my device list in Xbox Music and then had me try downloading again. None of these steps were successful in fixing the problem, so they had me do a hard reset after a couple hours on the phone with them. The hard reset hung for about 2 hours when I decided that I would contact AT&T support about the issue. They told me the phone was bricked and that I needed to go exchange it.

    So, now that I have a brand new phone, the problem still exists. Has anyone else experienced this problem and been unable to download music to the phones because it is apparently already "in collection?" Having all of my music available to me by turning on the "Xbox Music cloud collection" does not interest me because I have way too much music that I do not want to sort through on my phone all the time.

    I did find one sort of workaround, but it makes it much more difficult to download the music than it should be and it does not always seem to work. I can find the album in the store that I want to download, then select all for the songs and then choose to download them to my phone. It only seems to work some of the time though and it is way too many steps.

    Has anyone else had this problem and did you find away to get it fixed?

    03-04-2013 11:29 AM
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    I have the same problem but chalked it up to a design oversight with the app instead of a bug. One of the many, many annoying things about Xbox Music.

    Only workaround I found was to download the album on my PC and transfer it to my phone using the sync app. Not perfect as often I end up with duplicated songs on my phone as I have Xbox Music Cloud Collection turned on.

    The whole app needs to be binned and started from scratch!
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    03-04-2013 02:33 PM

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