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    Hi, I have an issue with Xbox Music (I know, I know...) - apologies if this issue has been covered elsewhere, I've skimmed a few other threads and hadn't seen this particular issue, so thought I'd see if anyone else had experienced this.

    I was trying to download a couple of albums on Tuesday night, and about halfway through, something went wrong; it stopped the downloads, said it couldn't access the store, and the tracks that did make it through wouldn't play - they gave me the good old media usage rights error (no error code). I am able to access the store now, but since Tuesday night I've not been able to play any of my downloaded XBM content. I can still stream, and, bizarrely, download. So I can download a track, but not play it. Brilliant.

    After trying a soft-reset about four or five times to no avail, I spoke to live support yesterday, and the guy told me that it's because my free trial ran out. So I told him I've been subbing for over two years, since it was Zune Pass (and my sub simply carried over), and that I've had no problems since the first few days of my Lumia 920 ownership last November. Now, none of this is new to me, as I'm sure it's not new to anyone else. What is new (to me, at least) is how the support guy tried to solve the issue. He asked me to set the date to a week ahead, reset the phone, and then try and play my downloaded content. Amazingly, it worked. he told me to leave the date set to the (near) future for an hour or two, then switch it back and it should be fine, and the live chat ended.

    I left it about three or four hours, set the date back to the 17th, aaaaand... no dice. It gives me the DRM error. Then I can set it back to a week ahead and it works again. WTF!? I tried a few more soft-resets, reboots, and messing around with the dates all evening yesterday, all to no avail. If I set the date one day ahead, it doesn't work. If I set the date six days ahead, it doesn't work. If I set the date three weeks ahead, it doesn't work. The phone will only play back the downloaded content if the date is set exactly one week ahead. What kind of sense does this make? Has anyone else had this issue?

    So to today. I just got out of another live chat with support, and they told me that I need to give it a week for the issue to resolve. This means I can't access the store or get calendar/Me tile notifications for a week. On the plus side, according to my phone, today is my birthday. Where are all my presents!?

    So, here's my question(s): Has anyone else experienced this date issue? And did it resolve by itself? I don't really want to factory restore my phone if I don't have to, but I also don't want to have a somewhat-useless phone for a week. I'm not sure what to do, and of course, there's no guarantee either path will actually work. Any ideas?

    [Also, a quick question on the backup feature - I've never used it. What will be saved and what will I lose if I decide to backup and then restore the phone? I have a lot of images saved to the phone from the net (for lockscreen wallpapers and the like) - do they get automatically backed up, or would I have to manually upload them all to SD? Also, where do the backups go? Are they user-accessible?]

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help me out, and mods: apologies if this is in the wrong place/duplicated, please let me know/move the post if necessary.
    04-18-2013 09:48 AM

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