1. Corvodin's Avatar
    What do you think of our little music player?
    I find it a quite beautiful and nice working app, but there are a couple of really tiny things I think could be made better:

    For instance, I think that there should be a little slider bar for going back and forth in songs, something like the slider in the new youtube app or the one in metrotube.The artist name and the album name and art could be moved up, leaving space for it(yes, I do know that you can fast forward or back by holding the forward and back buttons).

    And I think that landscape support would be a nice touch, especially in the album view.

    Search, which I think doesn't need much explanation .

    And is there any way we can inform Microsoft about little things like these, because the little thing matter too :D .
    05-12-2013 05:59 AM
  2. gapost's Avatar
    Personally, I use Xbox music a lot and while it's not perfect, it's pretty nice, especially with a subscription and Windows 8. And it has been discussed that Xbox music is getting an upgrade in June and they know the issues. But, there have been many threads about it and hopefully, this thread (probably not needed), will help improve it. We just hope the right people read our suggestions.
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    05-12-2013 06:53 AM
  3. Corvodin's Avatar
    I presumed that there are a number of posts on this topic, but I personally couldn't find any, so this is how I dealt with it.And yes, it is absolutely not needed :D
    05-12-2013 07:24 AM
  4. phonohead's Avatar
    Why do you guys NEED, and CRAVE for that slider to fast-forward and rewind? It could be only who likes to enjoy my music from beginning to end without (the need of) interrupting it by "sliding" back or forth within a song. It's ridiculous, really... But, I guess we are different people with different needs.
    05-15-2013 12:46 AM
  5. fardream's Avatar
    It's in windows phone 8 forum. Personally the things missing: search local music; cloud sync; and making playlists.
    05-15-2013 12:53 AM
  6. jaywp8's Avatar
    Can you give me the link of this player.
    05-16-2013 10:02 PM

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