1. RTGent's Avatar
    My brother is visiting and has been seduced by my Music Pass features, costs, etc., and is ready to dump his itunes and NOW NEEDS/WANTS what I have. He does have a nice Windows laptop, but for portable play, is there any way to run an XBox Collection on an itouch (generation one)? I have Zune HDs, but he'd rather not spend what they're going for these days: are there any other player options? He uses blackberry, so a Windows phone isn't an easy option. Thanks.
    05-30-2013 08:44 AM
  2. gsquared's Avatar
    Not 100% but first thought is no.
    05-30-2013 10:30 AM
  3. Mystictrust's Avatar
    Nope. iPod (or any iDevice) does not support WMA, which is what is used for Xbox Music. Xbox Music should be launching on iOS and Android in the future, but I don't think there's a set time for that - and that doesn't necessarily mean it would work on a generation one iTouch anyway (unless Microsoft magically changed the DRM on their unlimited music to something that iPod supported, but don't hold your breath)

    Early last year around this time I got a Zune HD to replace my gen 1 iTouch (specifically for Xbox Music) and never looked back... price wasn't too bad, either. Check eBay - the prices don't seem outrageous at first glance. It's a wonderful device - perfect compact size for workouts at the gym or running as well :)
    05-30-2013 10:45 AM
  4. Nick Archambault1's Avatar
    Its sad that MS hasnt developed an xbox music app for iOS or Android yet. It took Google less than 2 weeks to develop its Google Play Music app for iPhone. As always Microsoft is late to the game.
    05-30-2013 02:48 PM
  5. gsquared's Avatar
    Ugh, Arm-chair CEO in the house..
    05-31-2013 09:48 AM
  6. Jrexxx's Avatar
    I think that they were able to get better prices than Spotify/Deezer because it can't run on other platforms.
    05-31-2013 05:01 PM
  7. RTGent's Avatar
    Thanks for the relevant responses; my brother purchased a pristine Zune 80 from a local party and left happy.
    Mystictrust likes this.
    06-10-2013 03:08 PM

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