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    So I did a brief overview and didn't really see any threads that specifically tackle this subject. In fact, they're almost all negative (yikes!). Well that's what updates are for right? What would you like to see improved? What would you like to see added? And as always, lets discuss this like adults. Oh, I almost forgot: If you mention it, let's be more specific than saying "it's not Zune!" (although I'm prone to agree! Hahaha . . .)

    Me first!

    -How about lyrics? I happen to have the Nokia Music subscription, and the lyrics system on that app rocks. Even if it's not automatic though, it's be nice to be able to attach it yourself (like you can in iTunes).

    -I said it before and I'll say it again! I miss the old live tile from Zune on WP7. I've been on board since the day WP came out and that live tile still stands out as one of the primary things that drew me. WP is about personalization and I believe I speak for everyone when I say that a boring green (emerald) double-wide tile really turns out to be a waste of space. Could you imagine how beautiful it would look if it continued to display the artist after you stop listening? Or how about showing multiple renditions from the same artist that you listened to, just to make thing more interesting? I really just enjoy how beautiful the tiles experience is and this current one isn't quite doing it. It's lovely when it's active (only with music playing) but then it instantly becomes an eyesore when the tunes stop . . .
    07-05-2013 11:33 AM
  2. stmav's Avatar
    I'm going to hold off until I see just what they've done in GDR2 since it's not too far off. That could take things off or add things to any list I'd try to compose right now.
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    07-05-2013 11:43 AM
  3. In Limbo's Avatar
    Ahh, very true my friend.

    Wait . . . I'm a Falcons Fan! Grrrr . . . :)
    07-05-2013 12:08 PM
  4. stmav's Avatar
    Then I fully understand if you disagree with anything I say!
    07-05-2013 02:18 PM
  5. RandomNinjaAtk's Avatar
    In general, they need a way to search for duplicates in a playlist. I know that some may want to have a playlist created in a certain order and maybe useful to have songs in it more then once. However, I typically select a playlist and shuffle it. So it's annoying to have the same song in my playlist more then once and there currently isn't an easy way to find duplicates. I bring this up because after a playlist grows to a certain number of songs, I can't and don't easily remember if a song was already added to it or not. This also makes it hard when adding new music on the fly, which could result in have lots of duplicates.

    Just my personal opinion though...

    Also they need to improve downloading cloud music to phone. Selecting each song individually sucks..... I should be able to select a playlist and download all, or download all songs from my entire library (assuming there is enough space).

    Those are my two biggest issues....
    07-05-2013 03:34 PM
  6. Piratelooksat40's Avatar
    I am using the Windows 8.1 version. Here is what I would like to see:

    • Sortable Column's everywhere. Just like in Zune. Especially in Playlist creation
    • Remove Duplicates in Playlists
    • Get rid of the cute pop up window for playlists and give us a bigger screen to work with. More Real estate.
    • Simplify Syncing. Here is a concept If the phone is plugged in how about a picture of the phone on the bottom right of the screen and then we can just drag music or playlist to the phone and it syncs. Easy peasy.
    • A tool that goes through all of my Zune songs and tells me what I no longer have rights for and puts that list in a comma separated file. Then goes to Xbox Live Music and downloads all those songs for me automatically. When it is done, shoots me an E-mail telling me how sorry they are for changing the DRM, and promising me they will never do it again. If they do they will give me a lifetime subscription to their music service.
    • Honor my Zune Pass with 10 free mp3 downloads a month on Xbox live so I don't have to go to keep going back to Zune and download music.
    07-10-2013 08:12 AM
  7. In Limbo's Avatar
    I'm going to hold off until I see just what they've done in GDR2 since it's not too far off. That could take things off or add things to any list I'd try to compose right now.
    Please, just close this thread. I can't bear to look at it anymore. I have not succeeded in my efforts to bring attention to Xbox Music.

    "Failed I have; Into exile I must go . . ."
    07-10-2013 04:19 PM

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