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    I've slowly learned the more I've tried to help my brother with managing his music library how much of a pos Xbox Music is. As a player it does it's job minus not being able to create playlists right on the phone (so silly) but what a nightmare trying to keep your music all properly organized with all the proper album art and metadata and whatnot. It also serves it's purpose as a pretty good music store.

    So, here are things I did to prevent the phone and/or Xbox Music in W8 from changing my music around after I organized it as I like:

    1) Avoid Xbox Music altogether on W8 lol. I use Windows Media Player and it works wonderfully. I can set proper album art (although I ran into a weird problem with my brother's music library where completely unrelated albums by different artists seemed to have their album covers linked somehow and if I changed one the others would change too, making the art wrong) and I can edit all the metadata I care about.

    2) Using Windows Media Player I can sync my whole library over to my Lumia 928 and also create playlists.

    3) Using W8 desktop I can easily drag and drop songs off my Lumia to back up on my PC and add to my WMP library. I'm sure I could also keep both libraries (on phone and on PC) up to date with sync as well but I've just gotten used to dragging and dropping.

    4) Here's the important one - in Xbox Music settings on the phone, I turned off "Connect to Xbox Music" so it doesn't change around album covers, song titles, etc. of my existing music and I also toggled off the setting that shows your cloud library on the phone (this causes doubles if you sync from the PC and then have the cloud songs that you purchased from Xbox Music show). The only time I enable the cloud music is if for whatever reason I had to re-download some songs to my phone that I already purchased and it was just more convenient to do it through the phone than hook up to a PC. After they download I just toggle the cloud setting off again.

    My library seems well organized with all the proper album art and info now and my phone plays my music without a hassle =) Hope this helps anyone else who hates this garbage program (Xbox Music). I don't know why they didn't just change the logo in the Zune software and rebrand it lol because that program worked great. I have to say though I am really not minding using WMP on the desktop side of W8.
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    07-21-2013 02:46 PM
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    Are you sure your music is properly tagged? I have almost 0 issues with album artwork on xbox music. I was able to add almost all of my and my wife's music from iTunes in the Xbox Music cloud and can access it all now from everything we use. Every file I had issues with came down to one of two things.

    1. The file was a old mp3 file that had no ID3 tags
    2, The file was not available on Xbox music and had no match.

    Other than those two items the system works perfectly. I suggest making sure your files are properly supported before assuming the service is unusable. File based drag and drop folder to folder systems are being less and less supported every device refresh. The industry is moving to completely ID3 tag based systems. This is the same on the Apple side, proper tags are a must.

    If you are not aware of tags work respond here and I will post you some info. Thank you for your post. They are excellent tips for those still trying to use folder/file based library's.
    07-21-2013 08:30 PM
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    hey thanks for the response. I'm aware of they exist but not too familiar with them. I assumed for everything to be perfect i'd have to individually go through each song as a lot of the music is ripped off old ipods and there's just too many songs for me to have the patience to do that. any advice or info would be helpful thanks!
    07-22-2013 12:30 AM
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    Even after disabling everything and moving over to a drag-and-drop system, both my DRM'ed and non-DRM music files have problems of duplicates.

    I tried the most basic way with a perfectly good ID tagged album, turned off every connecting with the servers and XBM still duplicated some of the songs in WP8. Even feature phones and handheld gaming devices handle the basic stuff better lol.

    As for album art; you can try the MPAtool app.
    07-22-2013 12:55 AM
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    yea I noticed a few on my brothers as well after I followed my own tips haha. I guess it's just laughably buggy. luckily it didn't see like too many so we just went through and deleted the doubles. he hasn't noticed any more as of yet but at least it's all organized now
    07-23-2013 08:54 AM

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