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    Coming from Zune/ZuneHD and WP7 it's a horrible let down to deal with all of the issues Xbox Music has. I worked around the DRM problems by getting re downloading from my phone any music I had (and still wanted) that wasn't mp3, already.

    I kind of gave up on podcasts for a while, but in the middle of a recent trip, I decided I would go ahead and download a few podcasts from the store on my Lumia 928.

    Nope. Denied.

    Clicking to subscribe or download a podcast acts like it will go, but nothing happens. No download ever starts. On cellular or Wi-Fi. I found a user with the same phone and same problem on the support site. Unable to Download Podcasts (Lumia 928) - Microsoft Community

    But that was completely a waste. The same has become the truth for all of the 'answers' on that site. Someone types in some random words and a kb link that usually has little to do with the problem that occured and then a moderator marks that as the "answer". Even though ZERO people have found the post useful.


    Yes, I am aware of the uservoice link for bringing Zune back. I even have the max amount of votes I can on the suggestion. But, uservoice has become an even bigger joke than the support site. The suggestions that have the most votes have been on there for YEARS with to response from Microsoft.

    I love everything else about my Lumia 928. I'm not about to jump ship, but that makes it more frustrating to have to wait from a fix.

    Thanks for letting me rant. I feel a little better now.
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    07-24-2013 04:21 PM
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    You might get a kick out of this established thread, discussing similar things: http://forums.windowscentral.com/xbo...gh-enough.html
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    07-24-2013 04:38 PM

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