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    So I have the new xbox music app, things were looking a bit better than the music hub until now. So most of my music is from my payed sub, however there are a couple of songs that aren't in the store so I had to acquire them.

    I add my music into a playlist so on each device I can just download that playlist. Xbox music automatically adds my songs to the collection. I then add the songs to the playlist.
    I open the app on my phone, wait ten minutes to register the change. It comes up with an "i". The error states: "you'll need to connect to your pc to put this on your phone".

    So I open up the Windows phone "metro" app and add the songs to my phone. Wait another 10 minutes for the app on my phone to register. In my collection, the songs are registered correctly, however the same error is shown in the playlist. Taking another approach, from the phone app, I delete the songs that give my this error, then go into the collection of my phone and add them back into the playlist.

    My phone's playlist is now working perfectly.
    I go back to the computer and now its giving me the "i" error. It says " This song from your other device doesn't match anything in the cloud, so we can't stream it for you here. To play the song, copy it to this device."

    So does anybody have any solutions or ideas?
    12-29-2013 03:48 PM

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