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    I know Xbox Music Pass and Xbox Music app (for Windows 8/RT and WP8) have plenty of shortcomings. Ultimately, I do not see why my idea fundamentally should not work. My wife loves her music. She wants to be able to manage her playlists from one source and be able to play music on her phone and computer (work and home). After finding out how much of a failure cloud matching is and the fact that my Windows 8.1 desktop is still not linking up with her Surface RT (running 8.1), HTC 8X, and the music.xbox portal, I'm ready to try something else. I realize the potential insanity here... if I deleted 100% of the music in the cloud and pointed Xbox Music on my computer to an empty folder, could I manually go back and add all of her music that Microsoft has licenses for by hand and eliminate matching/duplicate issues as well as have 100% of the music be available on the cloud? I would imagine this would also make managing playlists a lot easier since everything is hand picked from Microsoft's library.

    Has anyone else tried this? Essentially, has anyone tried using Xbox Music Pass as a total do-over for your music library and manually add the music you actually listen to and not music from 10 years ago that you forgot you downloaded? Obviously, you could back fill stuff you own and rarely (if ever) listen to anymore..not suggesting you ignore it.

    ...and before people say just don't renew, we got the door-busters on the 12 days of Microsoft Sales so we are both just starting our year. I had no issues when I did the trial and my wife "did" a trial, but essentially ignored it and just used it download new songs (which works perfectly!).
    12-29-2013 04:49 PM
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    I did this, albeit for other reasons. I've not had any strange troubles with deleting all of my 'owned' music and using the xbox / zune software to download everything I had, replacing it 100% with xbox music songs/files.

    Of course, if you cancel your subscription, your costs to buy out your library could be high, if you have a huge library. Or, you'd have to find an alternative service.

    As far as replicating the library, I use the skydrive service for this. Just point the my music folder to the skydrive location, and it syncs everything to the cloud there, then, on my laptop and tablet, I sign into the skydrive app, and voila. it's the same as it is on desktop.
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    01-02-2014 11:12 AM

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