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    Several months ago, after many frustrating failures, I finally had success getting music playlists onto my Lumia 521 (the native player). As I remember, I had to setup the playlist on my laptop using the Windows Media Player and then transfer that playlist file to the phone. I kept my music and playlists on the phone side, not the SD Card side. I would occasionally add a few more songs to the phone and (I think) could get them onto the phone playlist by playing that song and at the same time "add to playlist" through the menu at the bottom. Well, none of that works anymore, ....Arrg! So frustrating. I'm wondering if the Black update messed this up. I hope it gets fixed in the Windows Update.

    If I can't access my "Exercise Playlist" then I won't exercise and I'll get fat. Then I'll blame my phone.
    04-23-2014 01:29 PM
  2. paulsalter's Avatar
    If you are on Windows 8 have you looked at xbox music on it

    This allows you to send playlists direct to the phone and should also import windows media player playlists into it
    If I have a lot to transfer to my phone I connect it to the laptop and use this to transfer items over (highlight playlist, bring out charms bar and select share, then click on your phone)
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    04-23-2014 02:10 PM

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