05-29-2014 06:01 PM
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    On the contrary, I DO see the complaints but I also see what MS are doing to fix it, however, I'm done with you because you're so blinded by hatred that you fail to see any other point of view other than your own. I'm done with this thread as it's just become another "I hate Xbox Music" thread.

    But WTF am I doing explaining myself to you when all I'll get is another insult.
    It's not that I hate Xbox,it's fine for a console and those who use it as a transport to the internet,and as such,has a need to sync their accounts through it,however not everyone wants to do this.

    Do you honestly believe everyone does?

    Do you believe everyone wants to stream music and videos from the cloud?

    Microsoft has to understand to fix their services they need to provide a means to those who don't want a Xbox. It's not that hard to understand this. They are cutting off their nose to spite their faces here.

    If they truly want to be App Specific then allow music and video apps to flourish without utilizing Xbox in anyway.

    Think of the good that it would do if they would.

    Streaming is fine,but there are many in this country that have desktops that don't want to stream,or have unlimited data plans or good coverage who have come from other platforms and want similar approaches for WP,and even you can see the differences between some of the various music/video players and how they work,look,and feel as opposed to what we have right now.

    If WP core apps don't satisfy,or work properly,and a music /video player is something that should be considered a core app,then it behooves Microsoft to open it up to 3rd party development independent from Xbox.

    I have high hopes they will,but ain't holding my breath for it. I'll give them till WP9 to see if they can correct the issues with it,if not I'll move to another platform. I feel that is more than enough time to stick it out waiting.

    05-29-2014 06:01 PM
26 12

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