01-25-2015 01:42 AM
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  1. Anshuman Bhadauria's Avatar
    It looks much better now! ๐Ÿ‘
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    05-23-2014 10:01 PM
  2. anon(5445874)'s Avatar
    until I see zero loading, I won't be happy.
    05-23-2014 10:09 PM
  3. James8561's Avatar
    yea nvm about my previous post. I really like today's update.
    I think with today's update, performance and functionality are back to the old music+video hub. somewhat even better as the new interface Is a lot nicer.
    It will only get a lot better from now on :)
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    05-23-2014 10:24 PM
  4. anon(5445874)'s Avatar
    By the way, I went and changed my rating from a 1 to a 3. Hopefully I didn't go overboard with a 3. They might have to release a brand new version since the reviews are awful. Of course not till they fix it.
    05-23-2014 10:42 PM
  5. Thomas Jordan's Avatar
    I'm getting error 80070127 when trying to update. Anyone got any ideas

    WP 8.1 I LUV U
    05-23-2014 10:48 PM
  6. Lu520's Avatar
    Does any one observed? In Stop Mode Audio Scrubbing not working.

    Coming to Update, S they added Swiping(down to up n viceversa) and loading time reduced. Good
    05-24-2014 12:47 AM
  7. Ebuka Allison's Avatar
    Does anyone else like the new UI
    05-24-2014 01:19 AM
  8. anon(5445874)'s Avatar
    Does anyone else like the new UI
    If I could get over the 'loading...' thing. I might actually notice it.
    05-24-2014 01:33 AM
  9. Ebuka Allison's Avatar
    Haha. Its faster as well. Its almost as fast as the WP8 version, and that's saying something considering I'm running a 625
    05-24-2014 01:49 AM
  10. Vipul Rajput's Avatar
    Still doesn't show album cover
    05-24-2014 02:23 AM
  11. Thomas Jordan's Avatar
    Still can't update getting 80070127 error code. Tried soft reset. Not tried hard reset but don't wanna do that for sake of 1 app
    05-24-2014 04:43 AM
  12. ca_guri's Avatar
    Still can't update getting 80070127 error code. Tried soft reset. Not tried hard reset but don't wanna do that for sake of 1 app
    Are you able to download any other app from the store?
    05-24-2014 05:02 AM
  13. Thomas Jordan's Avatar
    Yh. The video app updated fine and a couple of others. Just downloaded a random app with no problems as well.
    05-24-2014 05:16 AM
  14. SpaceyO's Avatar
    Still didn't fix the "snippet of the song at the end of the song" glitch either...That's my biggest gripe.
    05-24-2014 08:42 AM
  15. ca_guri's Avatar
    Yh. The video app updated fine and a couple of others. Just downloaded a random app with no problems as well.
    Wait for 2-3days and try to update it on different networks / wifi's, if possible. I also faced this kind of situation around 3months ago and I had to do a hard reset to solve this because no other method works for me, but hopefully you didn't need to do hard reset, you just try to connect with other networks.
    05-24-2014 09:00 AM
  16. Thomas Jordan's Avatar
    Problem solved. Had to remove all music from kids corner.
    05-24-2014 09:16 AM
  17. dlalonde's Avatar
    I've been praising Windows Phone since I've discovered it. But right now I'm surprisingly angry at Microsoft and am actually thinking of jumping ship.

    For years, I've been either listening to my whole music collection (about 15 gb) on shuffle or listening to a comedian who makes short sketches in mp3 format which I have in excess of 1500 of. Now I can't do that because there's a lame 100 song limit in the queue. I'm stuck using the Music Hub Tile for this.

    Album art is missing (album sleeves, etc.) after I spent HOURS organizing my collection (which both iOS and Android recognize without any problem) and of top of that, I used Windows Media Player to do it! But XBox Music doesn't see it properly or changes it! What the hell?

    When you start the app and go to the artists list or album list, it still takes nearly a minute to list them all.

    And I repeat, I've never had problems with any of this on either iOS or Android. Android didn't properly recognize special characters like French accents for example. But otherwise, no problem.

    I know XBox Music will get better. But they should have waited until it was actually done before releasing it! It's on the store, it's not just because it's a developer preview! They're just contributing to the negative image Microsoft has and, unfortunately, they're hard to defend
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    05-24-2014 09:29 AM
  18. dby2011's Avatar
    Ditto, music is a huge part of my mobile experience. Have a personal collection of over 12k songs. I tolerated a basic but fast music app with WP8, now with 8.1 is is still horrible after yesterdays update. Album art that shows up fine in the basic player doesn't show up in the new 8.1 app. Still a lot of lag when scrolling through my collection. Buying music is a chore and not easy at all. They have totally ruined the mobile music experience with 8.1. As much as I hate iTunes I have to wonder what I am going to do this fall when I can get a new phone.
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    05-24-2014 09:44 AM
  19. James8561's Avatar
    Artist art on lock screen works now ๐Ÿ˜Š
    05-24-2014 01:15 PM
  20. ca_guri's Avatar
    I just update some album arts with media monkey and put it back on sd card now it only shows those 2 files album art which i updated wit media monkey and the other file's album art are not showing. Don't know what's wrong happened, before the update all album art are showing but after update this happens. However, the album art of all other files are showing in pc with all music player apps (like vlc, wmp, media monkey, etc)
    05-24-2014 05:00 PM
  21. smoledman's Avatar
    I think the very first thing the XBox Music team has to do is make a persistent nav bar. I don't like going into an artist and having to hit the back button to get to the main view. That is just bad UX.
    05-24-2014 06:15 PM
  22. xratola's Avatar
    That bug when streaming music doesn't appear on playlists when launched by cortana.
    05-24-2014 10:30 PM
  23. masterchief1984's Avatar
    Used the new update to Xbox Music,its a great improvement from what it was, but it still needs work. I prefer Listen music player. Its a great app check it out!
    05-25-2014 05:12 AM
  24. dlalonde's Avatar
    In all honesty though, it is better than it was.
    05-25-2014 09:50 AM
  25. xratola's Avatar
    It is, in fact, I never thought the app was going to be the half as good as it is now :P
    dlalonde likes this.
    05-25-2014 10:59 AM
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