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    I hope this is the right place to post this, I wasn't sure if it belonged in Xbox One, One drive forums or here, so I opted for here.

    I have had an Xbox One for a few weeks, have been away on holiday so only just got time to play with it this weekend.

    I also have a Nokia 1520, Surface Pro, laptop and desktop, all running the latest available Microsoft software (Not developer stuff).

    My wife has a Nokia 520, Surface 2 and laptop, also up to date.

    I am NOT into downloading music, I have hundreds of CD's and have ripped them into MP3 files and can copy these across devices, so can pretty much listen to all the music I own on any device.

    Up until now my desktop PC was hooked up to my telly and used WMC as the main source of music for the home, when a bit more volume or quality was required.

    I really wanted the Xbox One to take over as my main media device, now don't get me wrong, I love what my Xbox One can do and I am not a games player, but I really am confused when it comes to how to listen to the music I already own through the thing.

    For example this morning I took a picture on my phone and went to the Xbox, within a minute that picture was on One Drive and showing up on the Xbox for me and the family to view, with the 1tb of space now available through being an office 365 user I thought time to get music sorted.

    I have been around the houses this morning, I saw a way of putting music from my laptop to other devices, but for some unknown reason one Genesis CD was reduced to one track on the Xbox and only one out of nine Led Zeppelin albums made the trip as for some unknown reason they are not matched by the stuff in Xbox music.

    I already own these albums, I don't want other versions, tracks missing etc.

    I also tried putting music into One Drive, worked a treat between my laptop and Surface Pro, but still nothing on the Xbox One.

    I need some help and advice to stop me being dazed and confused please.

    07-20-2014 10:17 AM

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