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    As per title, I am considering biting the bullet and taking out an Xbox music pass.

    I have an Xbox One, Surface Pro, 8.1 laptop, and a 1520, I may consider also getting a music pass for my wife for her on the Xbox, laptop, Surface 2 and 520, up until now my music has always been ripped CD's and I put an album on and have repeat on, but since we now have the Xbox One as our main entertainment system I am considering changing our ways to the music pass/online music and stop buying CD's that I rip and never play (The actual CD that is) anyway.

    We both use Xbox music and I don't seem to have any real problems with it (Sorry folks) although that could be because we have always been playing local music.

    I am guessing the obvious applies, all the time I have a music pass, I can listen to all the music I want and on all my devices, I can even download for when I am not online, but if I choose to no longer subscribe, I get locked out of all of this music?

    In other words I don't own any of the music, just have the ability to play it when I want to as long as the subscription runs.

    By going for the music pass it unlocks the way the Xbox One can handle local music, at the moment I have to "Push" my music from my laptop etc.

    I am going to fund my music pass by getting rid of my Netflix subscription, in the UK what is on offer is pretty poor, and no offence to our American cousins, it does have a massive US bias and I don't watch much US telly, so at the moment we are lucky to watch one film a month. Whereas I listen to music all the time.

    Are there any up and coming surprises in store, I don't want to invest in an Xbox music pass only to find MS drop it or massively raise the price (89.99 per year in the UK) ?

    Do MS have any plans to make a family subscription as this would be of great interest to me?

    Anything else I should be aware of?


    PS Are there any discounts ever available for music passes
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