1. belgiantrotter's Avatar
    OK so you might say who cares, why do i post this and so on...
    the fact is recently i read that the xbox music microsoft leads read these forum to find how to improve xbox music. well here's one for them...

    As a big microsoft fan (own all the stuff) and work for a Microsoft gold partner and everything we do is enterprise microsoft related I like to see them succeed. so you can call me a fanboy and try to give MSFT all chances they get..

    xbox music was one of these chances...
    I probably owned an xbox music subscription for more than a year now but today I officially killed it in favor of Spotify. and this for multiple reasons:
    - the xbox music catalog has alwasy been great and impressive but the discovery aspect of it such as curated playlists, sharing with friends, mood playlists is one of the main killers... it does not work.
    - the experience on my windows phone has degraded instead of increasing... the app is just a joke. If we would release such a thing year after year, month after month, we'd be fired... software is supposed to evolve over time not downgrade...
    - the experience on the metro/modern app is not that much better... especially if you compare it with ZUNE and the ZuneHD experience before... (why would you reinvent the wheel again? to keep people busy?!)
    - yesterday i found out my phone was using data when i was going for a run while I try to tell it not to use data and use local files. i could not find the settings anymore to finetune it. back home I found a great app called music hub tile that 1. gave the way better and faster music hub back, 2. i could go back into settings I knew existed but can't find them anymore on WP 8.1

    for me that was the boiling point and cancelled my subscription and i am back using Spotify enjoying curated lists, checking out what friends are playing and so much more...

    game over

    09-02-2014 03:40 PM
  2. dgr_874's Avatar
    Pretty much sums up my thoughts too. The catalogue is great but everything else is just so basic compared to the players. No smart playlists, no rating system, no curated playlists, no easy access to current charting songs, questionable song matching, etc.

    Since I got such a great deal last year ($30 for an entire year), I'm not cancelling, but there better be loads of improvements by the time my renewal is ready.
    09-02-2014 04:09 PM
  3. RTGent's Avatar
    I understand: it doesn't meet your needs or tastes. In my case, I'm indifferent to any phone-related options, yet very happy with what I can download and organize with Zune on my PC, listen on my Zune players, and listen and watch through my Xbox 360. I have a Collection of hundreds of wonderful albums that I continually cull/update, some of which are not even available for purchase, or only available at high prices. I enjoy creating my own playlists, for myself and others, I explore new music using Xbox Music on my Surface tablet, and I don't have any need for any of the social stuff. Enjoy your alternatives, and especially your music.
    09-09-2014 04:25 PM
  4. theefman's Avatar
    Maybe Microsoft threatened to throw anyone who tried to replicate any Zune functionality in xbox music off a building, or something. Only thing that makes sense to explain why perfectly working features were canned in favour of years of catch up work.
    dgr_874 likes this.
    09-09-2014 04:42 PM

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