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    I mentioned in a thread last weekend I would try out the Xbox Music PC setting Automatically add matched songs on this PC to your cloud collection so this morning I got my wifes devices ready to test what would be happen. I decided to test on my wifes setup as she has a lot less music than me.

    Firstly a bit of background.

    My wife has the following devices, a 520 a Surface 2 and a laptop and an account on my Xbox.

    Two weekends ago I set her up with an Xbox music pass, and to make life easy for her I deleted all her old local music so she had a clean start, in the last two weeks she had added about 20 albums to her collection, so already downloaded to each device and available to play on the Xbox, all is working well

    The first thing I did was copy two artists each of which had 9 albums one was David Bowie and the other Led Zeppelin to her SD card on her phone and then her Surface 2, I made sure each device had each artist and all albums set up correctly.

    I then turned on Automatically match from the Surface 2.

    I then checked her Xbox account and all was OK with the Bowie stuff, 9 albums with all songs available, but as expected the Led Zeppelin were reduced to one track on Led Zeppelin IV that was by a tribute band (Because of copyright issues).

    So on to her laptop, I opened Xbox music and it signed in, it added the 9 albums of Bowie and the one album by Zeppelin with just the one song, much to my surprise they were actually downloaded so available offline on the laptop (Another XBM setting).

    So to complete the experiment I then copied the 18 albums to her music folder on the laptop and in the case of the Bowie ones they changed to local music so local music does have precedence, with the Zeppelin albums the only issue was with IV and this ended up with the one song being a double track as it kept the tribute band song from IV (I will delete this).

    So it seems the Auto match to the cloud isnt the complete ogre that I thought it was, but I can still see how it can cause a lot of confusion if you turn it on without thinking about it first.

    For now I will leave it on the wifes machines but I wont turn it on, on my devices as its not the hardest thing in the world to copy music across devices and with the rumoured music locker on the way the issue should become redundant anyway.

    My recommendation would be to not turn on Automatically add matched songs on this PC to your cloud collection unless you have thought through the consequences.

    Also I would recommend you clean up your music folders (See other posts) before letting Xbox Music on your local collection especially if it is a large collection, however I have to conclude by saying we now have Xbox Music on three accounts in our house, mine of 3000 plus songs, the wife's and since my lad got his 930 and joined the modern age, he took out a music pass as well and all of the accounts and music works well.

    11-08-2014 04:38 PM
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    Thanks for info on that an interesting read, I have experimented with the matching but always turn it off as I see no way of fixing a wrongly matched song if the correct one is not available on xbox music

    Would love to hear your thought on this one and perhaps tell me if I am doing something wrong as this is one of the main things stopping me using the matching

    I have The Cure Greatest Hits, Double CD, Ripped to my collection with correct tagging (I think), 1st CD is all the singles, 2nd CD is live versions of the singles
    On xbox music it only has the 1st CD version, so its just the album with the original singles not the live versions
    When it does a match it uses the live versions and ignores the original singles (they just disappear)
    So for example if
    Track 4 is Love Cats - this is from the cd and is the version on xbox music
    Track 15 is Love Cats (Live) - this is the 2nd cd and is not on xbox music
    After it does its match Track 4 is titled Love Cats but it plays Love Cats (Live) - has matched against the wrong track on the album
    The original is now not showing in the music app, I only have the live version

    This is local music, not downloaded using the music pass
    If that makes sense, any thoughts on this?
    11-09-2014 06:54 AM
  3. Bobvfr's Avatar
    Had a look and you are right there are two greatest hits by the Cure but both are only single CD's, it does seem to be odd albums that cause most grief for example I don't get an artist picture for King Crimson but the album art is fine although not available to add to your collection so I just live with it, and we had a cheap Tina Turner greatest hits my wife bought, this had all sorts of issues, but it was easy to deal with, just deleted it and replaced it with a better version using the music pass, although I am not sure why as I don't' really like Tina Turner.

    Hopefully the upcoming music locker will sort out some of these issues.

    And cheers for that, just added the Cure's greatest hits to my collection
    11-09-2014 08:16 AM
  4. paulsalter's Avatar
    Cheers, I only seem to have about 12 albums that I have noticed with issues, I do get others with the wrong cover, but I don't mind that as long as the correct music plays

    I would like to turn matching on so that I get all my music on all my devices, but for me now if I want something new on phone I just download the version from music pass onto it, keeping the original local files on my pc only

    looking forward to seeing music locker, music pass is a great service, love being able to search for albums that I listened to years ago or recent ones, even things I woudnt normally listen to, and just get the album at no extra cost
    11-09-2014 09:17 AM
  5. Bobvfr's Avatar
    Since I got the Cure I have added Squeeze greatest hits, Elvis Costello singles, XTC best of, Asia best of, Elton John Blue Moves, John Lennon Walls and Bridges, I think Sunday has become my music shopping day
    11-09-2014 09:32 AM
  6. paulsalter's Avatar
    Nice choices, I got the Squeeze and Elvis Costello a few weeks back, just been listening again now (While downloading a couple of early albums of The Jam)
    11-09-2014 11:06 AM

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