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    Lately I've been cleaning up my collection by identifying all the songs I own (using Zune software on my Surface Pro 3 to sort DRM Free music in my collection because of course Xbox Music can't do that) and then cloud matching so that I can put together playlists that I can easily move across all my MS devices: SP3, SP2, SurfaceRT, Nokia1020, Nokia925, ZuneHD, Xbox360... DID I MENTION MY FAMILY ALSO USES MS TOILET PAPER?

    So it was slow going but I was making progress until the past few days when all of a sudden Xbox Music cloud matching decides it can't find any match to my DRM-free music.

    So right now you're probably thinking that this a-hole is trying to match some exotic collection of B-side Vuvuzela covers from the 98 World Cup that of course Xbox Music won't have!

    Au contraire mon frere, I actually used one of my 10 free song credits from my old Zune Music Pass to purchase 'Live and Let Die' by Paul McCartney of course using the old Zune software (Because there is no way to use your 'grandfathered song credits' through Xbox Music - unless you do it from your WP8 - which of course we all use our phones to organize and manage the thousands of songs in our collection).

    I digress. So long story - longer.... Xbox Music is now taking forever to look for (not find) the cloud match for a song I just downloaded and purchased through Zune.

    49.9% the time it won't even give me the manual option to cloud match using the (+) drop down icon - the other 49.9% of the time it just spins for minutes until I cancel the search.

    But .1999999% of the time it actually finds the right album. In fact it finds MULTIPLE albums (complete with accurate album art.) But every single one that I select to try and match with a specific song tells me the album "isn't available through Xbox Music".

    So you mean the song that I downloaded 47 seconds ago and purchased through Zune - the song that when I search Xbox Music, I find 7 albums and 42 song copies available for download or stream - THAT SONG ISN'T AVAILABLE TO MATCH?

    So I have 2 questions:
    1. As of 11/10/14 is anyone else having trouble..... ahem...MORE TROUBLE THAN USUAL.... getting cloud sync to match even basic music? and
    2. Even when working correctly, why can Xbox Music find 4 versions of the album you're looking for, but tell you that the album and its songs aren't available through Xbox Music even though you can find it easily available for streaming and download?
    11-10-2014 08:45 PM

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