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    I just had a heck of an experience on my Surface Pro 3 after installing the Fall 1511 update for Windows 10. With all the Graphics Display crashes I'm getting now I also discovered that my Music Pass stopped playing and couldn't stream or do anything except play my OWN songs I had locally saved.

    Anyone getting the "Cant Play" errors (Mine was 0xc00d0fcf and 0x80070020) we use to be able to just uninstall the Xbox Music app and re-install from the Win 8.1 store. Most of the time this fixed my issues. But if you are running Windows 10 you will notice you can no longer uninstall some apps live the TV-Movies and Groove Music.

    Welcome the Powershell in all it's awesomeness. Bigger nerds than me may have already known this but it was a welcome after speaking to Microsoft Support. After navigating through Tier 1 and 2 I finally got to someone that knew reboots and SFC /scannows wont cut it. She jumped me into the powershell and we had ZUNE save the day.

    1. Open Windows PowerShell with admin priv.
    2. type command: get-AppxPackage *Microsoft.ZuneMusic* | remove-AppxPackage
    3. Got to the store and Search/Download "Groove Music"
    4. Enjoy your Pass collection again and know that the 3 generation old retired ZUNE just saved its grandchild Groove.

    Yeah, just making fun with point 4, but perhaps the ability to UNINSTALL some of these apps needs to be brought back because of corruption issues like this. I hope some others here find this useful. I know a lot about computers but I can confess I know little about the PowerShell.
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    This was very helpful........ Thank you for the instructions
    01-16-2016 03:32 PM
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    Now if we could do the same on the phone...
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    01-16-2016 06:34 PM

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