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    I have two separate albums by a single artist that were also sold as a single 2 disc album. At one point it appears some software applied metadata from the 2 disc combined release, including album art. Now, I've edited all the metadata using mp3tag and they are correctly listed in both Groove and WMP as two separate albums but Groove is still showing the album art from the combined release!

    I've used mp3tag to embed the correct art in each file, deleted the protected system files with the incorrect art, and the albums show correctly in WMP but Groove continues to show the wrong art. I tried to update the album info through Groove but the option to Find Album info isn't in the menu where it's usually found. (Don't know why it shows sometimes and not others).

    I would embrace it and just change the metadata to match the combined release but I'm missing a couple of bonus tracks that the individual albums didn't have so it would just replace one annoyance with another.

    What. The. F.
    01-13-2016 02:59 PM
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    just to make things a little weirder, I'm experiencing the same issue on both my Windows 10 desktop and my laptop. BUT, the correct album art shows in the Groove app on my W10 phone. Does the app look for album art in different places depending on whether it's on a PC or a phone???
    01-14-2016 08:59 AM

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