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    I have just over 300 albums in Groove, all of them would fit under the title of "Popular" music, from heavy rock, prog, pop, folk, soul, and just about anything in between. I listen to this music on five devices, an Xbox One rigged up to my Hi-Fi, my desktop, Surface Pro 3, HP stream 7 and my 1520.

    I also like classical music, but cannot bring myself to "Mix" classical with my main music in Groove, it just wouldn't work or look right.

    I know you can filter by Genre, but I would rather fill up the three portable devices SD cards with more rock music than add classical to them.

    I also know I can just stream any music I want through Groove using my music pass without affecting my collection.

    So what alternatives exist for a classical music collection, I have TuneIn Radio on all devices as a truly universal app (Yes its on the phone, PC's and Xbox One), but I would also consider some other downloadable service for classical, any suggestions welcome.
    02-06-2016 03:25 PM

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