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    Hi All,

    I have recently moved from Spotify to Groove Music since getting my Lumia 950. I have taken a 30 day free pass to test it out and I like certain features on it, partially the sync with my Microsoft Band when running.

    But, I am a little confused on certain functions, namely downloading tracks and listen offline.

    When I am running, particularly on a long run I like to listen to music, but I do not want to stream and use my data allowance. So, I would download the playlist or collection in Spotify no issues.

    In the Groove App I have pressed to download all my tracks to my SD Card in my Lumia and it takes absolutely ages and if the phone goes to the lock screen it seems to pauses downloading. This is very frustrating as it would be better to have it download while I am sleeping. Is there any way I can download tracks when the phone is not open?

    Secondly, I can not seem to work out, or be convinced that Groove App is only playing tracks downloaded to my phone and not streaming them. I say this because I went for a run today and it started playing all my tracks and not only the ones I downloaded. I do not want this, I only want to listen to downloaded tracks for offline use. Because of this experience I am not sure if a track plays that I have supposedly download, that the app is actually playing the download version and not just streaming it.

    In Spotify it is easy, there is switch in settings which turns Spotify offline and only plays tracks saved to the phone, but I can not seem to find a clear option. I really like the simple minimalist set up of Groove, but it does seem to lack so core features/options. I am currently swaying to the side of keeping Spotify, but it lacks the sync with the Microsoft Band which I really like for track changing, volume increase etc.

    Any throughs or ideas?

    02-12-2016 03:53 AM

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