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    I was wondering if anyone knows much about the HP Pavilion X2 12" (not the 10"). Its very similar to the HP Spectre X2 as far as specs. I recently bought one and I am having trouble finding very much information about it. I've read the specs from various different websites. I've also done some checking of the settings in the computer. I'm not sure what sensors it has. I did find out that it can output 4K through the Micro HDMI port. I'm not sure if it has a Precision trackpad. Is it supposed to come with a USB Ethernet adapter or the digitizer pen? I asked that because it was an open box item and if those were included, I didn't want to miss out.
    Update: I learned that it has DisplayPort over USB-C (USB 3.1 Gen 1) which would allow 4K at 60 Hz with an adapter. Interestingly, that's the same thing that the Lumia 950 has so I ordered a USB-C to HDMI adapter for $20. Theoretically, it should work with the laptop and the phone, although I will probably be limited to 1080 on the phone due to Continuum.
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    Not sure when your model was made, however, I own the 10" version that I picked up a couple years ago for 199 with the atom processor. I just use if for surfing the net when watching tv, or to take in the car if I'm unfortunate to be a backseat passenger.

    As far as I'm aware, none of the models included a pen. I believe they all have a Synaptics digitizer which leaves you to one of three pens. The HP pen, the Dell pen or the Acer pen. You'd have to google for model numbers, but supposedly the Dell pens work the best. (The Dell and Acer pens are identical and are just branded differently.)

    ** Edit: Just looked online at the HP pen compatibility list.... It appears the 12" uses the Wacom digitizer so there are a ton of pens that should work with it.
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