1. PerfectReign's Avatar
    I have been on the same build (14393) and firmware (.0026.118) for a few weeks. Starting yesterday, I had several instances of my device becoming unresponsive, requiring a soft reset.

    Any ideas? If it weren't for the Edge form issues, I'd jump to Fast Ring.
    03-29-2017 12:07 AM
  2. PerfectReign's Avatar
    Just a quick update. This went away the same day.

    However the device started shutting down this afternoon. It did so several times, each requiring a soft reset. I'm now using my 950xl, while my X3 sits on the desk being charged. It hasn't shut down since i got home. However that seems odd. My poor teenage son was trying to reach me and couldn't. (He thought our dog was sick.)

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    04-06-2017 11:50 PM
  3. PerfectReign's Avatar
    Hmm, now the X3 is working perfectly. GO figure.

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    04-07-2017 12:34 PM
  4. Allen Rhodes's Avatar
    My wife's is doing the same thing, current release build.
    04-13-2017 10:21 PM
  5. PerfectReign's Avatar
    Oddly enough, mine did it three times this morning.

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    04-13-2017 11:17 PM
  6. Eliten's Avatar
    Had some freezing problems, and i think it has something with the "starting sequence" of the
    phone. It can work perfectly for weeks, then start freezing after i made a manual reboot.
    04-20-2017 01:56 PM
  7. PerfectReign's Avatar
    Took the plunge last night and went into Fast Ring again. (I backed up so I could WDRT if needed.)

    So far, no freezing. I did have odd slowness for about five minutes but it went away. So far, so good!
    04-20-2017 02:31 PM
  8. Allen Rhodes's Avatar
    My wife's phone continues doing this. WDRT, fast ring now. Is it the handset itself y'all think?
    04-24-2017 08:28 AM
  9. PerfectReign's Avatar

    I just updated to 15205 a few days ago. Haven't seen the freezing since.

    Livin' life in the Fast Ring.
    04-24-2017 07:22 PM

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