1. jssmarathon's Avatar
    What am I missing?

    How do I re-download them??
    05-15-2017 08:28 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Hi and welcome to Windows Central.

    Where did you purchase these songs?
    05-15-2017 08:53 PM
  3. sinime's Avatar
    Assuming you purchased the music from the MS Store / Groove, Should be able to tap & hold on the song (or album) and hit download from the pop-up...

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    05-15-2017 08:54 PM
  4. sinime's Avatar
    And, like skinning cats, there's more than one way. You can also look it up in the store and there should be an option to download it...

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    05-15-2017 09:11 PM
  5. jssmarathon's Avatar
    The problem here is that I had too many different songs on my phone and in my music folders on the computer so I cleared everything out and deleted them expecting I could just download the purchased songs again, but there is no record of what they were anywhere.
    These were songs that I purchased over the last couple of years on various Windows phone from the Microsoft store
    would’ve thought that there would be a tab somewhere where I could just click download all my purchased music again?
    It will be very difficult to reconstruct them from a history of purchases from the store because he goes back to long
    so since I don’t know how many there were (close to 100) and exactly what they were, how do I get them?
    05-16-2017 07:43 AM
  6. jssmarathon's Avatar
    Hi and welcome to Windows Central.

    Where did you purchase these songs?
    Thanks Laura purchased all from Microsoft store from my phone
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    05-16-2017 08:17 AM
  7. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Other than checking your purchase history in the Microsoft Store I'm not aware of any other method.
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    05-16-2017 02:40 PM
  8. John Wolf1's Avatar
    Thanks Laura purchased all from Microsoft store from my phone
    If you know what songs you purchased then browse to them in the store and you'll be able to download them
    05-16-2017 06:10 PM
  9. sinime's Avatar
    AH... I think I have an answer for you...

    Open Groove, go to My Music, and either "Songs", "Artists", or "Albums"...

    Right below those headers should be "Refine:", followed by the current sort type...

    click on the current sort type, and under "Filter", select "Purchased"...

    there will be a little streaming icon next to the music you haven't yet downloaded.

    You should then be able to tap/hold and select "download" or "select" to pick more than one and download them...

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    05-18-2017 04:19 PM
  10. jssmarathon's Avatar
    That is what I assumed I would see when I first started this project but there is no option available. Here is a screenshot
    Attached Thumbnails capture001.jpg  
    05-22-2017 08:03 AM
  11. jssmarathon's Avatar
    Logged in from same account all purchased from
    05-22-2017 08:04 AM

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