1. Durahl's Avatar
    Im having a charging issue with my HP Elite X3.

    For the past few days I've been limited to charging it either using the provided HP Elite X3 Dock or an ancient Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charging Plate.
    Attempts in charging it via the provided HP USB-C Cable on either of my many PCs USB Ports or the provided HP Traveler Charger won't charge it.
    Apparently it also won't connect to a PC either - As someone over at the HP Forums mentioned.

    Using a different USB-C Cable didn't work either.

    The only other thing that DID work was the Dock's extension cable ( connected to the Dock )
    Phone is on 10.0.15063.414

    Any ideas what is going on?
    06-30-2017 03:46 PM
  2. realwarder's Avatar
    Sounds like lower voltage power connections don't work, as a PC uses 5V USB and the dock charger likely 12V+..

    Could be an OS, firmware or hardware issue. I guess you could use WDRT to put the OS back and see if that changes anything in case an OS update broke things.

    I would call HP or post more on their forums as you'll likely get more specialist knowledge there.
    07-01-2017 11:49 PM
  3. Durahl's Avatar
    I was able to solve it by joining the Insider Release Preview Build which installed an update for ARM based Phones ( Ehh... wut? ).
    Very odd behavior if I may say so but hey... Beggars can't be choosers and I'm glad I'm not featuring a broken piece of hardware.
    07-02-2017 09:50 AM

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