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    While the "wired" Continuum connection to my HP Lap Dock has been pretty good with the latest firmware updates, the wireless connection was still, in a word, rough.

    It turns out that HP issued a firmware update for the "wireless" part of the HP Lap Dock -- a firmware update that for whatever reason didn't get downloaded and installed by "HP Device Hub".

    Pro tip:
    1. Connect to your HP Lap Dock via a USB-C connection (wired Continuum).
    2. Use "HP Device Hub" to update your core Lap Dock firmware, if it's not already up to date.
    3. Disconnect the wired connection and reconnect to your HP Lap Dock wirelessly.
    4. Download the "HP Lap Dock Wireless Settings" app from the Microsoft (app) Store. If it doesn't show up, run the "HP Picks" app which will probably list it. Note that the app is apparently only compatible with HP phones.
    5. Run the "HP Lap Dock Wireless Settings" app. Click on the "hamburger" (three horizontal lines) button in the top-left corner, and switch to "Firmware Update".
    6. If your wireless firmware is out of date (e.g., update to the latest wireless firmware (e.g.

    If you want, you can also select what Wi-Fi channels you want your Lap Dock to use, give it a new name, reset it to factory settings, etc.

    After upgrading to the firmware, the wireless experience on my Lap Dock is now really similar to the wired experience. A real game changer.

    11-21-2017 02:38 PM

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