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    Hey all just got my Steam 7 last week. I swear the deal on the MS store site said there was a 25$ gift card included. I searched all through my packaging and the email invoices. I can't see any code or card or thing to redeem. Can someone post how theirs was located in the box or invoice and the process they used to redeem?

    04-06-2015 09:44 AM
  2. dorelse's Avatar
    I received a purple card with a website to redeem it. Keep in mind, it is not a Gift Card per se, its a Microsoft App Store Credit of $25.00.

    Its actually listed at the bottom of the HP Stream 7 on the MS Store Online, and you'll have to use IE to access it...access it from your HP Stream...it helps with the process.

    Buy HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Tablet - Microsoft Store

    "For full terms and conditions of the offer, visit http://www.Microsoft.com/HPStream"
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    04-07-2015 10:39 AM
  3. driazen's Avatar
    Thanks that did it!
    04-07-2015 01:05 PM

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