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    Okay so I realise the stream 7 isn't the most powerful tablet in the market but I ran the latest FL studio music production demo software and it does work surprisingly for basic stuff. Fair enough if you load many plugins then it will start to stutter but for some basic music editing this tablet is fine. I still need to see how far I can push the tablet

    Has anybody else had an experience with this tablet to test out its performance with other software?

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    05-13-2015 03:32 AM
  2. Jiffybag's Avatar
    I've installed Steam on a "can I?" basis, and yes, it won't play the latest games (not even my PC will) but anything up to 2009-2010 era appear to work fine.

    I use it as a daily driver and the only have an issue with the Facebook app so far, so no great loss.

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    05-13-2015 08:36 AM

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