1. brad4560's Avatar
    hello all! wanted to share my experience as i took the plunge and installed the insider preview on my hp stream 8 today.

    i started off with a clean install of the os (32bit with bing) with no data or apps on the tablet. i made sure i was up to date at windows update, and went to hp.com and downloaded all the drivers for the stream 8 (for reference, you type in 5801 in the search bar) and put them in a folder on the tablet and on another machine.

    i then made a system image on my 16gb sd card i have in the tablet. i do not know if this would do me any good if the install failed, but i have no other way for a recovery image. off to the insider website to start the upgrade process after signing in with my microsoft account. The upgrade took about an hour and a half. so go take a nap.

    I came back to the tablet and i was on the log in screen, i was relieved. after the OOBE experience, i checked my drivers. the intel graphics driver was stopped, so i reinstalled it from the drivers i downloaded earlier, and i had a clean device manager. the tablet automatically goes into tablet mode.

    performance is ok, it is a little slow at times, and some apps can be buggy, as i tried creating this post in spartan (edge) and internet explorer, but my bluetooth keyboard would not finish the post (i am writing this in chrome) . i also notice my onedrive app is gone (not the desktop version) , but all in all, i am happy and will try to use it day to day.

    sorry to those who haven't had luck getting windows 10 on your stream tablet. hope my info can help people.
    04-30-2015 07:19 PM
  2. 0kanenas's Avatar
    I was aslo successfull installing Windows 10 TP but I need a smooth experience which Windows 10 TP doesn't not have. I didn't create a system image before installing windows 10 so now I am stuck. Can you somehow send me yours?
    05-23-2015 11:09 AM

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