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    Hi All,

    My partner has the HTC Windows 8s phone and until recently has had no problems with it.

    The phone was purchased second hand and already had a MS account attached to it, so when the phone complained that it hadn't got enough storage space it sent the contacts to that account. However, the phone is now empty! I've got the details of the MS account attached, but how do I get the phone numbers etc. back on the phone from the MS account?

    Best Regards

    10-21-2013 11:49 AM
  2. montsa007's Avatar
    Assuming the phone has been done a factory reset, sign in into the MS account and it'll pull the associated contacts :)
    Signing in with a Microsoft account | Windows Phone How-to (भारत)

    Getting started | Windows Phone 8 | Windows Phone How-to | Windows Phone (भारत)

    I hope it helps :), if not let me know I'll be happy to find more details :)
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    10-21-2013 11:52 AM
  3. David_mc's Avatar
    Ok, so if i login to the account via the phone it should pull down all the info etc.?
    10-21-2013 11:54 AM
  4. montsa007's Avatar
    Ok, so if i login to the account via the phone it should pull down all the info etc.?
    Yes, all the contacts associated with the MS account will appear in the phone :),
    I've also edited my previous post, check those link as well, let me know if you've found the solution.
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    10-21-2013 11:56 AM

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