10-15-2014 11:07 AM
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  1. ajua's Avatar
    Here are some I took this past weekend
    Attached Thumbnails wp_20121117_002.jpg   wp_20121118_002.jpg   wp_20121119_001.jpg  
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    11-20-2012 02:15 AM
  2. rkremers's Avatar

    No flash
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    11-20-2012 03:07 PM
  3. Brandon619's Avatar
    so do most u use? the default 6mp or bump it up to 8mp? got my htc 8x like 3 days ago amazing phone and smooth silky os... gonna try to get some pics a and video for the thread.. but ya i to notice the focus issue...maybe htc will update that issue? also it seems touch to capture is easier then the camera button.
    11-20-2012 05:09 PM
  4. Brandon619's Avatar
    Random Quick Pic: (At 6MegaPixels)
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    11-20-2012 05:37 PM
  5. projay's Avatar
    Word of warning: I am not fluent in photography at all, but in the below pictures, I was playing around to see if I can get the "23rd street" in focus. The first image is the default, while the second one was the result of going down the list of settings and tweaking them "one or two" style like an optometrist. Flash was off in both of these. With a little tweaking, it seems there could be some use for this camera yet:


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    11-20-2012 10:17 PM
  6. mschoeni23's Avatar
    I've taken these 2 pics with my HTC 8x and was amazed by the great shot it produced in low light conditions!
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    11-21-2012 10:11 AM
  7. aigi_nr1's Avatar
    Great pics! Thumb up!
    11-22-2012 12:05 PM
  8. Brandon619's Avatar
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    11-23-2012 12:01 AM
  9. hipporama's Avatar
    That was rushed? The pool looks amazing in that pic! I wonder how much better it would have been if you hadn't rushed the pic
    11-23-2012 01:10 AM
  10. alexblfc's Avatar
    11-23-2012 10:43 AM
  11. Brandon619's Avatar
    That was rushed? The pool looks amazing in that pic! I wonder how much better it would have been if you hadn't rushed the pic
    Ya it was rushed :P literally pulling the phone out of my pocket and launching the camera app from the lockscreen and taking a pic one handed without really looking at the screen just hearing the capture screen noise while talking to cousins hahah.. and then being impressed afterwords... no pre focus click attempted just boom and pocketed for later viewing :) in like a second hah and then uploaded to skydrive then photo bucket with the typical compression taken place :)
    11-23-2012 12:23 PM
  12. -Scienide-'s Avatar

    I think the camera is pretty decent. Not as good as my old iPhone but close enough for me not to care.
    11-23-2012 01:56 PM
  13. Shodan_HR's Avatar

    ive recorded it today... not bad
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    11-26-2012 02:11 PM
  14. DJRedLine's Avatar
    11-27-2012 05:45 AM
  15. nemxboxdxb's Avatar
    My first pic with HTC 8X , I love it
    Will keep the folder updated:)
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    11-27-2012 01:08 PM
  16. zmqlumia900's Avatar

    ive recorded it today... not bad
    Personally, I do not think you record this using 8x on your hand. But good quality in general.
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    11-28-2012 03:17 PM
  17. Shodan_HR's Avatar
    Personally, I do not think you record this using 8x on your hand. But good quality in general.
    but i did... cant prove it, although. if "the motion" of the camera is confusing you its a youtube`s stabilization feature thad add`s that wavelike movement..

    well i`ve found something on youtube that could help my statement... wp7.5 had a different default names for pictures and videosdd.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails proof.bmp  
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    11-28-2012 11:44 PM
  18. Brandon619's Avatar
    Heres A Quick Rushed Night Shot of Part of Downtown SD in the Background with the freeways etc.. on my way to my local city college to meet up with my Girl... No tweaked settings besides the Full 8MegalPixel Setting.. taken around 5:20pm my time
    11-29-2012 01:33 AM
  19. jlangner's Avatar
    12-01-2012 08:55 AM
  20. Klaric's Avatar
    12-01-2012 04:43 PM
  21. Kurohitsugi's Avatar
    Macro shot out of the box

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    12-02-2012 09:14 AM
  22. cesaro619's Avatar
    Some shots @ SD Zoo taken last week. Sky shots are a work in progress as even with fast shutter speeds and 100-200 iso. Any higher ISO and all was over exposed, feast or famine. No Post on any pictures with the exception of resolution reduction by 33% of their original 8mp sources.

    12-02-2012 04:59 PM
  23. deadinsidesavior's Avatar
    There's this thin line at the bottom of videos that sort of makes it look it the video is cut in 2 parts. It's not extremely noticeable, but it's there.
    I'm seeing that on my 8x as well. Wonder if that's a 8x issue or a WP8 issue. Any ideas?
    12-02-2012 07:15 PM
  24. Klaric's Avatar
    Are you saying that you were able to set the shutter speed Cesaro?
    12-03-2012 02:20 PM
  25. cesaro619's Avatar
    Actually misspoke and didn't realize it. "Lowest Exposure" is the actually setting I was using, however I feel that it is entirely shutter speed based. I maybe incorrect, but, "lowest exposure" I'm treating as fastest-shutter speed, and Highest exposure as the slowest.
    12-03-2012 08:43 PM
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