11-16-2012 10:26 AM
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  1. Joelist's Avatar
    The irony will be when the 8X totally outsells the 920 and so does the 820/822.

    Why? Because of Nokia's foolish decision to give AT&T an exclusive. The 8X and 822 being on Verizon with its much larger and more robust network will outsell the 920. Just another dumb Nokia decision.

    BTW, the 8X is a top tier smartphone in every sense. It uses the same display as the One X which is considered VERY high end and in fact best of breed in many quarters. CPU? It uses Krait with the on die LTE - again best of breed. 16GB of storage is plenty. On average a song is about 3-5MB - so each GB can hold about 200 songs. When I see people acting like they need 32 or more GB just for music it leaves me shaking my head - what on earth do you need to have 6000+ songs on your phone for?

    The battery life is also very good by all objective tests - Krait is known for its battery life.
    11-16-2012 04:21 AM
  2. Gken's Avatar
    If we are going into cost, deciding between the 920 and 8x, 100$ for the phone and wireless charger was a no brainer for me. I love the 8x but equally loved the 920 so with free stuff the choice was obvious.
    11-16-2012 06:03 AM
  3. shinygerbil's Avatar
    I don't know how anyone could survive on the old WVGA resolution - after using the 8X, I don't think I could go back ;)

    The great thing is though, there are a great choice of phones out there for everyone - this is something Nokia have done well since the dumbphone days. But the flipside of that is that there are always caveats or trade-offs of some kind; there is no one single phone that combines *all* the good things. And this continues even with the 920 - whether or not you may think it is a perfect size and weight, there are plenty of people who find it enough of a turn-off to go pick up the 8X on that alone.

    The trouble is, the market doesn't seem to want these "unique" phones; everyone wants an all-singing, all-dancing wunderphone like the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy S3. If it isn't super-fast AND super-thin AND super-big AND full of ALL THE APPS then it will find it hard to pass the test of the general public. Sites like Techradar will blabber about inconsequential flaws like non-removable batteries and lack of SD card slots and give a phone 4/5, then praise the iPhone for the same things. And people who don't really care about tech will visit sites like Techradar and what they read there will inform their decision. (I even caught my girlfriend once saying "Well, Techradar said...")

    Until we have a phone - whether it be from Nokia, HTC, Samsung or all three - which ticks all the boxes, then there will be people who think that these companies are 'dropping the ball' on WP8. And, well - in the eyes of the general public, they may well be. Enthusiasts can banter back and forth about what makes a flagship, and this is fine and well and good - we like discussion because we are passionate about these things. We like the phones because they are truly great phones, whether they have their trade-offs or not. I'm incredibly happy with my 8X. But the fact remains that to a fairly large proportion of the populace it looks as if HTC and Nokia could do better.
    11-16-2012 06:23 AM
  4. cp2_4eva's Avatar
    Oh, those are the same mold Verizon always uses for their new products right? Those case are decent. ATT doesn't supply us with good cases, so I am waiting on incipio or seidio to come out with one. Incipio usually come out with the "feather" line that I like.
    11-16-2012 06:41 AM
  5. Coreldan's Avatar
    I think it is a stopgap phone, just ready in time for the launch of WP8 phones. I fully expect to see an updated version announced within 6 months.

    Don't get me wrong, though - I love the 8X and I think it is a great phone. There is plenty of room for improvement, though - and this is true for the 920 as well. Think of them as a great foundation to build upon.

    While I was deciding between the 920 and the 8X, one of the main factors was the fact that (imo) both of these phones will be obsolete within 6 months. Nokia will release a new "flagship" with maybe a smaller form factor (or at least thinner!) and HTC will release another 8X-type phone (8XL anyone?) with probably a bigger screen, to compete with the Android willy-wavers.

    Just my opinion of course - but in the end I chose the cheaper 8X, assuming that whichever phone I get it'll be outdated within 6 months, so I'm not really missing out on anything if I don't get the 920.

    We'll see.
    I personally don't think 920 will be made obsolete in 6 months time. 920 is almost just like the N8 back in the day. Sure, they are gonna make new models maybe even in that 6 months timeframe, but chances are they will not be direct upgrades to the 920. If nothing else, the wannabe-successor phones will probably lack in camera, even if improving something else. I don't think we will see a direct upgrade to the 920 in good while from Nokia. I don't even know if the 808 Pureview can be totally see as a successor to the N8, as they are quite different in their focuses.

    Sure, the N8 had N9 for example coming within a year or so, but by no means was that a direct upgrade, cos it simply did not have all the same features and had a whole different OS (one can argue that a much better one, though), but N9 was never an option for me as an avid N8 lover.
    11-16-2012 06:49 AM
  6. PDFierro3's Avatar
    Personally I was all about the 8X when I first started to decide what WP8 on Verizon to get. The 822? What that inferior phone? I thought. I just blindly went with 8X love for a few days and then I decided to check out the 822 specs.

    The screen has less ppi and is AMOLED. I am more a fan of LCD2 than AMOLED so I am still thinking 8X.

    Then I noticed the battery is the same size (1800mAh) and I thought well, AMOLED and less ppi means it will use less juce to run the screen so now I am thinking thats a point for the 822.

    I went on to check out processor, ram, wireless charging... etc. and they were identical. Both have the same processor and ram. So that was a tie.

    Then I dug deeper and found that the 822 had expandable memory and of course gets Nokia apps. Now I am starting to lean 822.

    Then I look at pictures of the phone. The 822 looks ugly and the 8X looks sexy! Also the 8X has a larger HD resolution!. Back leaning towards the 8X.

    Then I starting thinking about what was more practical and the 822 just wins this category.

    Now that I have an 822 in my hand, the pictures do NOT do it justice, its a very solid, good looking phone - even the branding isnt as ugly as it looks in pictures. Completely happy with my choice. I don't think I will miss out on the 8X.
    The 822 is more practical. I was all-in for the 822 before pre-orders started, but then they began and I really liked the 8X. But after stepping back from it for a week now, I think the 822 is the smarter choice. I need good battery life, and Nokia Transport is the main reason I would get this over an iPhone or Android.

    Glad to hear you are loving yours!
    11-16-2012 10:26 AM
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