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    Went to the store and they said the computer won't allow them.

    Talked to a rep on the phone who supposedly asked his supervisor, and the supervisor said they no longer have the ability to do that anymore

    Before i keep wasting my time talking to new sales reps, is it at all possible to keep my $19.95 grandfathered blackberry BIS/BES addon data plan and still be allowed to upgrade my phone?

    I'm off contract so i do have some leverage, but i'm afraid if i threaten to cancel and they call my bluff, i'm going to lose my plan either way!

    Thank you
    11-16-2012 05:17 PM
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    You should be. I have zero experience with Blackberry BIS and using other devices, but it definitely can be done. Those of us with grandfathered plans just lose the ability to talk to people in the store or regular customer service reps. Oh, and when you talk to loyalty, you never have to threaten to cancel - I never have. I'll repost what I posted in the Lumia 810 forum to someone else with the same issue...

    I'm really sorry to hear about that :(

    Here's a tip though: Call retentions. Dial 611, say "Cancel service" and the tell the next rep you speak to that you want to upgrade your phone but stay on your same plan and not change a thing. They can do it for you.

    The very last time I made some account changes and lowered some prices a bit, I was told by the retentions/cancellation rep at the time (I know who to talk to when I need my grandfathered plan serviced) that I will have problems in the store and that I will probably need to call "someone like him" (a.k.a. save loyalty/retentions).

    So, three options (if you even care anymore): Go to another store (not the same one, preferably) and tell them your situation, tell them you will need to get a loyalty rep on the phone so they can properly put the upgrade in the system - make sure they let you talk to the loyalty/retentions rep so you can ensure nothing on your account gets changed.

    OR you can call retentions/loyalty from home and let them ship you the upgrade, they won't change the account.

    Finally, if you go to my.t-mobile.com and upgrade you should be able to get the phone without changing anything on your plan - I have read of lots of people having success with that. LOTS of us grandfathered people still exist and order through loyalty or online without any problems.

    T-Mobile higher ups should have given the stores the power to deal with older plans, but the fact is - they didn't. The people in store actually have no power on their systems to be able to work with your plan. The most they can do in store is do what they just did with me - transfer service from sim to microsim without touching the plan.
    Basically, upgrade online, or call and say "cancel service" to the automated system and tell the person you're talking to that you want to upgrade but keep your plan exactly the same.
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    11-16-2012 05:27 PM
  3. tofu.'s Avatar
    thanks! i guess i've been talking to the wrong people then ;)

    not sure why the store people wouldn't do this to make a quick sale

    edit: online forces me to alter my plan so i'll just call retentions
    11-16-2012 05:32 PM
  4. tofu.'s Avatar
    ha.. that was easy

    he didn't even pull the "let me talk to my supervisor" on me. just took care of it no questions asked and verified that i will 100% have the same grandfathered plan

    thanks again
    11-16-2012 06:05 PM

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