11-17-2012 07:22 PM
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  1. unity04's Avatar
    I'm thinking of buying the 8X, after having a lot of issues with my 920, and I'm just curious as to whether or not people regret buying the device. My main concern is the reboot issue I keep reading about on these forums - has anyone found the reason for the issue? Also, if you have an 8X, have you you personally experienced the reboot issue? Aside from the reboots, any other issues that are present on the 8X? I'm thinking of re-signing my contract to get the phone, so I want to make sure I choose a good phone that's worth re-signing another 3 years here in Canada.

    11-16-2012 06:03 PM
  2. Smg-Uk's Avatar
    I love mine and do not regret it at all infact it might just be the best phone I've owned and I've had quite a few. I have only had 1 reboot since I started using it and that has got to be over a week now (roughly) but I have not found any other issue besides battery life but that seems to be improving now and I have just turned a lot of non essential settings off so I am hoping that will give it a extra boost.

    Now am just searching for a decent case.
    11-16-2012 07:12 PM
  3. zimmer86's Avatar
    no regrets at all! One of the best phones i have used. The mrs bought an iphone 5 2 days ago and is now thinking about trading it in for a 8x.
    11-16-2012 07:15 PM
  4. DeathBreath's Avatar
    No regrets. As long as you can live with the reboots for now until they fix it and you can accept the fact the WP8 OS is new and probably has a ways to go to become stable, then you will not regret this phone.
    11-16-2012 10:00 PM
  5. jlangner's Avatar
    Nope love it. Coming from android, this is so much nicer...
    11-16-2012 10:28 PM
  6. jasqid's Avatar
    i dont regret it but im a little dissapointed in the battery life. today was day 1 for me (verizon-picked it up lastnite) fully charged at 7am and was at 36% 1230pm yeah.. it was used alot today
    11-16-2012 10:39 PM
  7. aventador779's Avatar
    I'm waiting for a store like Costco or Best Buy to get the 8X. Because if I do indeed have any regrets I can just return it and won't have to pay any restocking fee :D (unlike Verizon)
    11-16-2012 11:18 PM
  8. skyplonk's Avatar
    Nope. Just sold my HTC One X and got a HTC 8X from Clove.. LOVE IT!! What a awesome phone! Fast, great screen and such a refreshing OS!!

    The GPS on the 8X is amazing. Gets lock so fast and is really accurate.
    11-16-2012 11:24 PM
  9. alexblfc's Avatar
    I'm starting to hate it to be honest. Loved it the first few days, then the reboots got more frequent, the audio pickup is dreadful, and the store/apps is ****e. The only reason i'm still using it is because Google cocked up so much on the Nexus 4 launch/
    11-17-2012 01:18 AM
  10. Pete's Avatar
    Love mine.
    11-17-2012 02:40 AM
  11. jabtano's Avatar
    My wife is loving hers I used it all night it's very nice much better than I thought it would be.
    11-17-2012 03:23 AM
  12. aventador779's Avatar
    I'm starting to hate it to be honest. Loved it the first few days, then the reboots got more frequent, the audio pickup is dreadful, and the store/apps is ****e. The only reason i'm still using it is because Google cocked up so much on the Nexus 4 launch/
    So then Note II or 8X? :/
    11-17-2012 05:07 AM
  13. downstevedown's Avatar
    Not sure - I like the resolution, and it hasn't given me any problems, but I don't like the fact that (so far) there seems to be no free turn-by-turn navigation app - mine takes me to VZ Navigator, which has always wanted money. The "Help & Tips" section actually says to go download Nokia Drive. I'd like to do that, but we all know the deal with that, at least for 6 months, right?

    Also, the power button is a harder press/less tactile than I'd like, and the rubbery surface is a mixed deal - great grip, absorbs oils, unsure how it will clean up.

    I tried both the 8X and the 822 in the store. Picked the 8X because of the thin profile, and a recommendation from the VZW store reps, who said that in their limited experience, that the 8x was a little more fluid (I know, HIGHLY subjective).

    I feel like both the 8X and 822 (like ANY smartphone) are screen crack disasters waiting to happen. It SEEMS like the 8X might have a more durable shell than the 822, but time will tell. I know there are a number of very happy 822 users over in that forum...
    11-17-2012 05:51 AM
  14. alexblfc's Avatar
    So then Note II or 8X? :/
    Nexus 4. Or as you are with Verizon, Droid DNA. I just can't recommend this phone until the audio and rebooting issues are fixed.
    11-17-2012 07:26 AM
  15. Smg-Uk's Avatar
    What audio problems ? Mine is fine. Maybe you have a dodgy unit.
    11-17-2012 08:14 AM
  16. alexblfc's Avatar
    What audio problems ? Mine is fine. Maybe you have a dodgy unit.
    11-17-2012 01:19 PM
  17. 12Danny123's Avatar
    dude. if he gets a Droid DNA. he's likely gonna have the same problems. we're not that dumb. Also you don't force them to buy something that you don't like. you let them try it out first. you should know this stuff
    11-17-2012 01:30 PM
  18. 12Danny123's Avatar
    Dude. you should try out the 8X first. just ignore those people. who give you a straight answer. you SHOULD try it first
    11-17-2012 01:34 PM
  19. Magdy Samir's Avatar
    No regrets at all, I just swapped my blue 8x with black, otherwise the 8x is really very nice device with perfect design, minimal issues with the reboots, nice sound quality, great camera on itself if not compared to others, screen is really amazing..
    11-17-2012 01:41 PM
  20. GreekboyD's Avatar
    What's with no black version of the 16GB version anywhere in Toronto? What a joke.
    11-17-2012 02:03 PM
  21. kthoag's Avatar
    Black VZW 8x, got it yesterday around 7pm. So far, no issues at all - every app I used on my iPhone is there (except Instagram, but I didn't care that much about it anyway). The top button is harder to press than my iPhone, but I think it's just a matter of getting used to it, as I've already improved.
    11-17-2012 02:12 PM
  22. wfblue's Avatar
    great phone (first time WP user). Great form factor. No reboots, heat or other problems. Extremely nice weight in packet, and screen very usable one handed.
    11-17-2012 02:22 PM
  23. ninjaap's Avatar
    To be honest, I don't think its WP8 that's causing the reboots. I had the HTC Surround and that thing never stopped rebooting. Not saying it rebooted everyday, but it did none the less. I even had ATT replace it for a new one. I've learned to live with it for as long as I had it. Then I moved on to Samsung Focus, then Lumia 900 and now Lumia 920. Never had a single reboot from the last 3 phones. I think it's an HTC thing, from personal experience.
    11-17-2012 02:44 PM
  24. corn_chowder's Avatar
    Black 8X on Vzw here...No regrets.

    Screen, sound, performance all great. Battery life not great on the first couple days, seems to be improving over time though. I have a few background tasks blocked (not all) and nfc turned off. Granted, I'm coming from a trophy so it's been a huge upgrade overall.
    11-17-2012 02:58 PM
  25. romeze's Avatar
    I have had my 8x for three days, I can honestly say that I am surprised with the phone at this point. I have had zero problems with the 8x and have found that I like it better than my friends lumia 920. First off I love the look and feel of the phone. Perfect fit in the hand and easily put in the pocket. No branding on the front side was a major selling point for me, very stealthy and minimalistic. I have had no software issues, reboots or freezing. Screen clarity is amazing very nice for watching movies of youtube clips.The battery has lasted all day long, although I do charge wirelessly whenever I am not using it so I really can't vouch for it too much. I was surprised with the camera, takes quality shots with little noise. I have not used tap to send, but I am very happy with the quality of audio with headphones. I have absolutely no regrets, in fact I would choose it over any other windows phone right now. Keep in mind some users may need more storage but I had a trophy since it came out and did not come close to filling it up so 16 was no problem for me.
    11-17-2012 04:40 PM
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