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    Hi folks,
    Have any of you had issues with others not being able to hear you during a phone conversation? I tried messing around by calling myself on a different line and when I hold the phone to my ear and talk, normally, I can't hardly hear myself. I have to literally have the mic right next to my mouth for hear clearly. Is there a way I can get the mic to pick me up better?

    I read this review and they mention this problem as well.
    HTC Windows Phone 8X Review | Pocketnow
    Ive had more complaints regarding difficulty in hearing my voice on the 8X than with any other phone this decade. I thought at first it may have been that the way I was holding it could have been covering the microphone hole, but after paying more attention to that, the audio quality was still not good.
    11-19-2012 03:09 PM

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