1. strokee's Avatar
    Can anybody who has purchased the Verizon version tell me how much storage is available out of the box? Are there preloaded apps you can delete to free up space? Much appreciated...
    11-26-2012 09:01 PM
  2. jaethos's Avatar
    There's about 11.5 GB free, you can open that up a little more by uninstalling the Verizon apps, but not by much.
    11-26-2012 09:30 PM
  3. Scorpio5x0's Avatar
    Uninstall the Verizon apps that come pre-loaded. Only one I kept installed was My Verizon. If I remember correctly , I was at 13GB free before installing my own apps and photos.
    11-26-2012 09:42 PM
  4. strokee's Avatar
    11-27-2012 12:03 AM

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