1. Brandon619's Avatar
    Ok so the first HTC 8x I got I saw a little dot and though it was a dead pixel because it was always in the same spot on the screen. Noticed it using Skype alot (front camera) and it was like in the bottom middle on the screen. So I traded it back for another cuz I was worried and told the t-mobile guys the issue.. Got a replacement the same day obviously a couple of days ago and when I was waiting for the YouTube video to transition onto the video player today I saw the little green dot very quickly on the top left corner of the screen and Im like dafaq??? Anyone else notice this.. Ps this second HTC 8x reboots more often for me lol thx god for OTA fix next month hurry up Microsoft haha. Also wpcentral make ur app 16:9 ratio supported so no black bar appears on the top of the screen for us 8x users... Love the app worth the buck :)
    11-27-2012 08:28 PM
  2. sheharyarali's Avatar
    No green dots here.
    11-28-2012 10:58 AM
  3. zero157h7's Avatar
    No green dots here either. Sounds like a dead pixel coupled with a case of bad luck.
    11-28-2012 11:02 AM
  4. ImAdrian23's Avatar
    No green dots here so far. Maybe your eyes are tired and you're seeing the green dot? I cannot believe that two 8Xs would have the same problem and both were handed to you.
    11-28-2012 11:23 AM
  5. judas2100's Avatar
    Your eyes/glasses ok ?? (no offense)
    11-28-2012 11:26 AM
  6. roddybirks's Avatar
    post some pics
    11-28-2012 11:43 AM
  7. Brandon619's Avatar
    Ok so maybe its my imagination but I don't see the green dot on my second 8x handset anymore just that time... Maybe I was just worried about getting another one again... But believe me my first handset (HTC 8x) had the issue and shown to others and Tmobile employers the dead pixel... Just be on the lookout u guys and like I said it was really noticeable using that front facing camera so pan it around urself to check out the screen. Looking out for u peeps cuz no body wants that on there sexy 8x screen... But I noticed the issue on my first handset like a day after I got it so be caution and maybe it was just rotten bad luck haha lucky me.. Still an amazing phone and still recommended.
    ImAdrian23 likes this.
    11-28-2012 12:29 PM
  8. anon(5716633)'s Avatar
    I just got the 8X today, and I have 6 green dots. They're very tiny.
    02-23-2013 07:00 PM

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